A Significant Sale!  25% off everything!
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25% off of EVERYTHING during the month of December!

During the month of December, Signifier is offering its loyal customers a discount of 25% off all orders including CD's, digital downloads, and apparel.  We know of no better way to prepare for the pending apocalypse* than by picking up outstanding releases by artists such as:
  • Ex_Tension
  • The Carapace (side project from Josh Colella of scrap.edx)
  • LAN Formatique
  • Women Should Not Drink Alcohol (side project from Cervello Elettronico, Sleep Clinic, and Noit Excev)
  • Cruise [Ctrl]
  • To Travel Without Any Certain Destination (side project from Libido Formandi/Last Days of S.E.X.)
  • Fractured Transmission
  • Oxyd (Side project from Disharmony)
  • NXV (side project from Fractured Transmission)
In addition, the savings applies to all in stock titles which we distribute from labels such as Ad Noiseam, Aliens, Ant-Zen, Bugs Crawling Out of People, Funkwelten, Hymen Records, Noise Junkie, Pflichtkauf, and Raumklang!

Shop at our webstore or Bandcamp using the promotional code: goindie

*The apocalypse thing is just a joke people.  But the super sale isn't so please consider buying independent music.  Support Signifier's roster of talented artists by aquiring their music legally in either digital or physical formats direct from the source or through many of your favorite retailers such as Ant-Zen, iTunes, eMusic, and many more.  Also, sharing is caring, so feel free to let your friends know that they can save some coin on some mighty fine tunes, too!  Sale ends at 11:59pm on December 31, 2012.  See you on the flip side...

Coming Soon: v/a- A Mere Invention of the Idle Mind Vol. 2
Coming Soon:
v/a- A Mere Invention of the Idle Mind Vol. 2 Signifier/Mechanismz
Ushersan & HIV+- Wide Lights from Hatred Springs
Coming Soon:
Ushersan & HIV+-
Wide Lights from Hatred Springs
ZandoZ Corp.- Personal Apocalypse
Coming Soon:
ZandoZ Corp.-
Personal Apocalypse

Lucidstatic- Fatalist
Coming Soon:
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