Dear Alumni,
It is a great pleasure to write to you as your President, once again, thank you all and we will endeavour to serve you as best we can! We will be conducting a survey shortly to make sure that we have all of our priorities right. I urge you to participate, and motivate every Alumni you know to do so as well, as it will make sure we serve you in the best possible way. There is also the small matter of the 30th anniversary of the School in 2020 on which we would also like your feedback.
I will be assisted in my task as President by the newly elected Committee and Board, some new faces and some familiar ones as you will see.
After the summer recess, which I hope was enjoyable for each and every one of you,  we are back in business with one of our “major” events, the “Entrepreneurship Awards”  that will be held in Rennes on November 15th. It is open for applications until October 12th. Don't hesitate to compete, especially if you are abroad - we want to hear about your projects wherever you are in the world! I strongly believe that Entrepreneurship is in our core DNA, so we have to encourage it in every way we can.     
On the more entertaining front, we have the 20th anniversary of the P9 which I have no doubt will be a success.
Last but not least, this is also the time of the year when one thinks about a possible career move, and in this world where everything updates in a nanosecond, it is wise to assume that your CV needs at least an expert look to see if it is fit for purpose, this can be done in our career services workshop on September 25th.
Do not forget to check the calendar of events as activity on this front will be picking up too.
“Bonne rentrée” as they say in France,
Speak to you soon,

Jack-Paul Davidson, Promo 1, President of Rennes SB Alumni

New Committee 2018-2020

21 Committee members of your Association have been elected by lifelong members for a 2 year mandate in June. Among the newly elected board members, Jack Paul DAVIDSON has been re-elected President.

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It's time to apply!

The "6th Entrepreneurship Awards Rennes SB Alumni" will give you the chance to win a € 15K of cash prize to develop your business.
Are you an entrepreneur or do you know someone who is? It's time to apply and/or share the information with your network.

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Promo 9 anniversary

On September 22nd, we are happy to invite alumni from the PGE 9 to a revival week-end in Rennes. It will be a great opportunity to reunite with your classmates after 20 years!

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Give emphasis to your CV 

The CV is not dead! Even though some consider it old-fashioned, it is still very often mandatory to get the job of your dreams. Discover the best practices and keys to create a good CV during this workshop.

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