Even in this uncertainty, your safety will not be compromised in the wake of this pandemic.

We are here for you, no matter what.

It is no secret that across the country and the globe, we are all facing very uncertain times in the wake of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Here in the Greater Susquehanna Valley, although we have yet to be hit personally with a positive infection, we are all feeling the incredible effects of this uncharted territory beginning to affect our day to day life.

As measures to protect public health begin to pour in, many of us are taking shelter in our homes to try to "flatten the curve" -- but for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, this just adds to the complexity of the situations they were already subjected to. Often, victims of abuse will be forced into quarantine with the very abusers who they were attempting to flee from -- forcing them to risk public safety due to a pandemic, or possibly safety through the abuse epidemic that was already quietly raging in homes across the country.

In addition to fearing for safety, many families are also feeling the stress of the closures enacted by schools statewide. School provided a safety net of structure for families that may not have existed otherwise -- secure meals, educational opportunities, safe settings, and even childcare were all something that families could once count on. Now, right in our own backyards, families are faced with the impossible: Keeping themselves safe, and keeping them afloat.

We are sending this email to reassure you of a few basic things: Under Governor Wolf's mandate, we at Transitions fall under the category of essential. To put it frankly, although we are getting creative in the way we are forced to operate to maintain the health and well-being of staff, we have not, will not, and do not plan to shut our doors throughout this pandemic. We are aware our services are life-saving to many in our community, so we all are working around-the-clock to ensure that those continue to happen, even in these uncharted waters.

Our Staff Response

In the wake of the events in the past few weeks, Transitions as an organization has gathered both in person and virtually to put our minds together to ensure our services would continue to operate while keeping the safety of our staff and community at the forefront.

Public safety is at the heart of our mission -- this pandemic just adds another layer to that.

Each and every member of our staff has begun to work remotely wherever and however possible to ensure they are enacting proper social distancing and to help prevent the spread of any unnecessary disease. Each team within our organization has mobilized to continue to bring accessible care and services to those in need.


Emergency Shelter/Safe House

Even in times of global crisis, there is still potential for serious crisis at home -- acts of domestic violence did not just go away when Coronavirus made its way into our daily lives. That being said, we are maintaining our 24/7 hotline as always with accessible options to maintain public safety. We will be working with victims to provide safe alternative housing options that do not jeopardize their health nor force them to stay in an unsafe situation.


Our counselors are working tirelessly to ensure quality of care for our clients, as we are well aware that this epidemic has already heightened anxiety levels and could potentially trigger traumatic responses when compounded with the already difficult situations that we serve. 
They are currently mobilizing to try and reach out to clients via online video chat and phone sessions to prevent any lapses in care.
However, group counseling is currently suspended due to general social distancing recommendations.


Legal Advocacy & Transitions Legal Center (TLC)

Our legal advocacy team remains dedicated to protecting the safety of survivors across our three counties and are navigating the ever-changing reality of our local court system as it changes day-to-day. We will still be offering Emergency Protective Orders (ePFA's) done primarily remotely via fax, email or phone, and we will be working with local Judges and Magistrates to complete the processes to ensure our victims' safety.


Our housing team is working around the clock to continue to find safe housing alternatives for those in need, even amidst a murky housing/rental market. We are currently working on a case-by-case basis with local landlords and clients to navigate the climate for each client who needs to be rehoused.


The education team has begun to take their efforts online, offering community sessions on awareness and prevention education topics via live stream on our social media channels. Over the coming weeks, our educators will be mobilizing online to share more topics and "live webinars" with you, especially as April's Sexual Assault Awareness Month comes nearer. 

In short, we are still here for you. We promise that.

In the words of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Domestic Violence, "A public health crisis like this does not decrease the need for services—just the opposite, it increases the demand and threatens continuity."

If you or someone you love is experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, or other crimes, please reach us via our 24/7 hotline at 1-800-850-7948 or on our website at

Also please follow our
Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest news and updates regarding online programming, services, and more.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Susan K. Mathias, Chief Executive Officer
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