Correspondents of Robert Lynd, including James Joyce, H.G. Wells and three members of the Yeats Family. A Catalogue of Autograph Letters.
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I'm currently sending out a hard copy of my latest catalogue entitled The Correspondents of Robert Lynd, Essayist. They range alphabetically from Lascelles Abercrombie to W.B. Yeats via James Joyce, H. G. Wells, and others. All unpublished letters. The Catalogue is available electronically on this link to my website:

I have catalogued separately an archive of letters from J. W. Good [James Winder Good] (1877-1930), Irish journalist (Assistant Editor, Irish Statesman; Leader writer, Irish Independent; Irish Correspondent, New Statesman), to Robert and Sylvia Lynd, inevitably covering Irish politics and literature, 1908-1930, and featuring Paul Henry. Link to my website:

And, completely unrelated, I have just catalogued a manuscript account , sent by an officer of the East India Company to his brother, of his service in the Battle of Pollilur [Second Anglo-Mysore War; Hyder Ali; Tippoo Sahib]. Link:

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