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I am now able to offer the Literary, Professional  and Personal Archives of Robert Lynd and Sylvia Lynd, authors and Irish nationalists
Robert Lynd, journalist, essayist and Irish nationalist (DNB; b. Belfast; 1879-1949): a large collection of autograph and typescript works, offprints, articles and photographs, and featuring his dispatches from the turbulent Ireland of 1920.
Sylvia Lynd, née Dryhurst, poet, novelist, reviewer, significant member of the Book Society, Irish nationalist, daughter of anarchist and suffragette, Nannie Dryhurst (1888-1952). Her papers include: typescripts, manuscripts, unpublished illustrated children’s ‘books’, correspondence, a remarkable diary reflecting her personal, social and literary life (and the cross she had to bear in the alcoholic, Robert Lynd), and substantial autobiographical fragments.
“Their home in Hampstead was the resort of those in literary circles”, including James Joyce (whose wedding reception was held there), W.B. Yeats, Max Beerbohm, H.G. Wells, Rebecca West, etc, etc. More political (nationalist) friends included Roger Casement. Note: See my catalogues of letters to Robert and Sylvia to get the full range of their social and professional contacts.
The joint archive (an unusual event in itself) also includes the substantial correspondence between the two writers.
The Archive, £50,000.00
I will consider offers in the region of £25,000 each for sections A. and B. And £6000.00 for C.
  1. Robert Lynd:
  1. Prose (including autograph drafts from RL’s ‘Rambles in Irish Places’ and other Ireland-related)
  2. Journalism (including large quantity of dispatches from a turbulent Ireland, 1920)
  3. Letters to sister, Annie Foster
  1. Sylvia Lynd:
  1. Diary “A frank personal diary in which she writes of her life in literary society, but also of private matters including the difficulties husband, Robert Lynd’s, alcoholism […]”
  2. Autobiography
  3. Poems
  4. Prose
  5. Children’s Books
  6. Letters to father
  7. Letters from father
  1. General:
  1. Letters between the Lynds
  2. Addenda

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