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Dear Friends, Customers, and Miscellanea,

For some reason, I have your e-mail address in my Contacts and hence in my mailing list.

This makes you vulnerable to an irregular Newsletter in which I will usually be presenting a selection of my better "Latest Additions" (manuscripts, ALSs, printed ephemera, and the occasional book in most subjects) and/or information about significant archives or collections.

For those who are happy to bear with me for the time being, I currently have a small archive of mainly literary interest, the papers of Monty Shaw, Production Editor for Faber and Penguin (Beckett, Lawrence Durrell, et al) which can be searched via this link to my website:

For those for whom receiving my Newsletter would be an irritation, it is a simple matter to remove yourselves by clicking the unsubscribe link below.

Removal from my Contacts mailing list would require e-mailing me directly,





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