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Newsletter 2: a paranormal archive and some diaries and journals

Dear Friends and all too occasional Customers,

I was looking through my more recent acquisitions and found that I had just over twenty diaries and journals of some (and varied) interest. I've chosen the most interesting, and brief descriptions appear below, with the clicking possibility of accessing sometimes substantial descriptions. But first I'm giving a link to a major new purchase, the archive of "The Ghost-Man", Elliott O'Donnell, ghost-hunter, prolific writer on the paranormal, Irish patriot, and onetime recipient of unemployment benefit:

'Linda' [The Beatles; Gerry and the Pacemakers; Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas; Cliff Richard; Roy Orbison; the Hollies]
Girl of the Sixties

ONE: 'Dataday' diary for 1964. 12mo (10 x 6 cm), with single page for each day. The entries are regular, and often long, before the end of June; infrequent thereafter. An evocative artefact of the early 1960s, written in an engaging and rather winning working-class style. The writer, 'Linda', is the quintessential 1960s West London girl, clearly attractive and taking full advantage of the new sexual and economic freedoms available to the young of the period.

Edward Leigh Carte, RN, Engineer in West Africa, the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and Suez Canal, 1867-1882
Three Naval Diaries and a cartoon sequence set in Africa

Edward Leigh Carte (1838-1911) was born at Barton on Humber in Lincolnshire. He was educated in Hamburg and Antwerp until 1853, when he was sent to Scotland to learn the engineering trade. His first experience of the sea was on a ship belonging to his uncle, Joseph Gee of Hull. In 1861, following Gee's death, Carte entered the Royal Navy as Assistant Engineer. He was promoted to the rank of Engineer in 1868.

A Cadet of Infantry in the Bengal Establishment of the East India Company [Invasion of Burma 1824; Barrackpore Mutiny]

Notebook, 111pp. used, vellum binding, damaged and soiled, marbled endpapers, contents fair, clear and complete.

Ann Mary Brydges, daughter of Sir Egerton Brydges, bibliographer, printer and eccentric (DNB), brother of Ann Lefroy, Jane Austen's mentor.

[Manuscript] Diary of Anne Mary Brydges, daughter of Egerton Brydges (b.1799) 29 March-7 June 1828. Introductory:Anne Mary Brydges (b.1799 - same age at the time of the diary as Charlotte Lucas), was one of the children of Egerton Brydges (DNB) and his second wife, her siblings being Grey Matthew (1797-1812), midshipman; Edward William George (1800-1816); Egerton Anthony (1802-1849); Anthony Rokeby (b. 1803); Ferdinand Stanley Head (1804-1863); Mary Jane (b. 1805); Ellen (b. 1808); Frances Isabella (b.

[Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Salvation Army; Penal Colony`]

Total 28pp., 4to and sm. folio, full of typing errors, some changes and crossings out, a few words added in manuscript where omitted in the typing (one corner of text still missing, p.12), fair condition, text clear and complete. It has the form of a diary but doesn't have entries for every day. It's in two halves, 24pp. of 4to, and 4pp. of sm. folio, the latter entiled in MS. "Is life worth living? Depends on liver! no.25-28". One page of text in sm. folio is on the verso of headed notepaper, "The Officer-in-Charge, Ferrar Ganj Colony, Port Blair.

[Brasil and Argentina 1930-1932]

Keith Dudley-Kindon (see 27 Aug. 1931). Only one Google reference to anyone of this name, died 1958.Diary addressed to someone ("you" appears on 7 July) who obviously knows the people and circumstances involved, including details of the business (colleague?), so it might be described as a series of letters. Mainly typescript, 8vo, in solander box (currently mis-titled), [First part [1930-31]], Argentina, leaves 34-222, missing 84, 85, 204, 8vo, most leaves headed "Soc. Anon. Frigorifico Anglo", most versos also used (total no. of pages approx.

[The Society of Friends; Quakers; York]
Quaker pocket book, with manuscript diary

12mo, 144 pp. In original grey printed wraps. On stained, aged paper, the staining causing loss to the manuscript portions of the book. The first 36 and last 30 pp contain printed matter including poems, essays and obituaries of Quakers. The central 78 pp contain the diary, memorandums and cash book, which carry numerous entries in a neat, tight hand. The diary is written by a woman, and details day-to-day activities.. The author travels from Darlington to Islington.

[Diary of an officer in the 23rd Armoured Brigade, British Eighth Army, 1946]

Text on 87 pp of a 8vo 1944 'Surrey Desk Diary' (Mitcham: Surrey Manufacturing Co.). Text clear and complete. Volume in good condition on aged paper. While the author's ownership signature at the front of the volume ('', ', '') is not decipherable, there are clues to his identity: his birthday is on 24 June, he states on 5 October that he is in the 23rd Armoured Brigade, and on 19 August he gives his Identity Card No. as 116941. He begins as a sergeant, and by 13 January is 'H.Q. Troop commander, which, out of action, no schemes, no censoring, doesn't amount to much'.

Mary Jane Lonsdale (nee Littledale), wife of Gwalter Borranskill Congreve Lonsdale (1807-1866), Attaché to the British Legation at Munich [Lola Montez; King Ludwig of Bavaria; Revolutions of 1848]
Autograph Diary of Mary Jane, wife of Congreve Lonsdale, Attaché (Munich 1847ff)

A total of 36 pp in 8vo. First section (12 June 1847 to 22 July 1852): 16 pp, at around 30 lines per page. Second section (1 January 1862 to 29 December 1864): 20 pp, at around 40 lines per page. All text clear and complete. Good, on aged paper, with minor unobtrusive repair to last two leaves of first section. Both sections unbound, in separate sewn gatherings. The diary is unsigned, but the context establishes the author beyond doubt as Lonsdale's wife Mary Jane, daughter of Mary Littledale (1779-1855), widow of Anthony Littledale of Bolton Hall, Yorkshire.

J. Ryan, AB, sailmaker [3rd Cruiser Squadron, Royal Navy; Battle of Dogger Bank, 1915]

Landscape, with leaf dimensions 19 x 10.5 cm. The diary covers 48 pages at one end of the notebook, with the diagrams and specifications over 32 pp at the other end. In original sturdy brown leather binding, with brass clasp, empty wallet at front and pouch for pencil. Marbled endpapers. In good condition. Text clear and complete on lightly-aged paper. Binding worn and with split hinges. In pencil on fore-edge: 'J. RYAN.

[Charles Baron Clarke] C.B. Clarke, eminent colonial botanist and Inspector of Schools (Bengal)..

Botanist, plant-hunter, traveller, explorer, economist, miscellaneous author, Inspector of Schools (Bengal, 1865-[1887]) (1832-1906). A major contributor to the collections at Kew and to the Flora of India (Hooker).See the obituaries by D. Prain in The Journal of Botany, Nov. 1906, pp. 870-875 and by an unknown friend in Miscellaneous Notes, Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, no.7 (1906), pp.271-281 (both in this collection)." . . . during his service in the East Mr.

[Rev. William Morris Mousley (b. 1828), son of the Rev. William Mousley, vicar of Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire; 'Tom Thumb'; the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly; 'Wizard' Jacobs, conjuror and ventriloquist]

12mo, 39 pp. Stitched into original coloured wraps decorated with pastel-coloured rainbow stripes. Text clear and complete. Good, on aged paper. The final two pages of the volume contain crude sketches in coloured pencil (figure seated on steps of country cottage, a clump of trees, ships at sea). The year is not stated, but certainly 1844 from the references in the volume. Found with other autograph material of the Rev. W. M. Mousley, who would have been sixteen at the time of writing. The trip is made along with 'Papa', 'Mama [Mamma]' (often 'poorly'), 'Henry' and 'James'.

Lieutenant R. G. Th<ouy?>er [Catherine Booth-Clibborn] (1858-1955), daughter of founder William Booth, called 'la Maréchale'; Geneva Corps; Swiss Expedition, 1882-1883; Switzerland; Charles Wyssa]

In English. 12mo, 344 pp. Nineteen lines to the page. In original binding, covered with modern imitation red watered silk. Original green endpapers. Text clear and complete, in pen and pencil. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Written entirely in English, except for the first page: 'Journal intime du Lieutenant R. G. Ther | 27 Juin au 31 Dec. 1883. | Genève - Chambery - Rolle.' This first-hand account of la Maréchale's controversial 'Swiss Expedition' is an important document in the history of the Salvation Army.?>

Travelling Gent' [anonymous Victorian diary of a hunting expedition to India; field sports; tiger shoot; the Raj; Japan; Morton Frewen]

Ruled notebook, roughly 18 x 11.5 cm. Internally tight, sound and clean, on lightly-aged paper. In worn leather binding, lacking spine. Marbled endpapers. Text clear and complete on a total of 208 pp, neatly written at twenty lines to the page. The journal, covering the period from 1 December 1880 to 24 September 1882, consists of 194 pp, preceded by 7 pp of information under the headings 'Introductions' (5 pp), 'Cashmere Chikarries' (one page) and 'Hotels' (one page).

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