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Take the Next Step on Your Journey to a Brighter Financial Future

December 9, 2014 | James MaGee

It was a pleasure to consult with you about your bankruptcy case. We really would like to proceed with a case for you, and to help you and those who depend upon you attain a brighter financial future.

The bankruptcy fee you were quoted at the time of your initial meeting with me was good for 90 days following your first consultation, per the terms of our fee quote. That 90 day fee lock may have expired or will expire soon. This short note presents a great opportunity to extend that fee lock for a short while longer.

Our Bankruptcy Rates Are Scheduled To Increase in Most Cases in the New Year. Yours Won’t, if You Act Quickly

My staff and I met a few days ago to discuss how we could help struggling individuals and families during this Holiday Season. We came up with an idea. We will honor the original bankruptcy fee detailed in your fee agreement, as long as the bankruptcy attorney’s fees listed in your bankruptcy fee agreement are paid in full by January 15, 2015.

Please take advantage of this great opportunity to save a little money by avoiding the modest price increases that will take effect next year.

Please contact Ray, Mary, or Amber to take advantage of our “fee rollback” special opportunity, and avoid paying a fee increase in 2015.

This is your chance to save now, and take the next step on your journey to a brighter financial future that you started when you made your appointment with us. We are pleased to warmly offer it to you during this Holiday Season.

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Very truly yours,

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