What Happened at MunchTech in January.

January at MunchTech

"Five episodes for the price of four"

With the first month of 2016 already over, we've started the year off right with five new episodes of The Two Techies, all of which are listed below.

The MunchTech website has had a fresh lick of paint applied to it with a complete redesign, allowing for a more robust, informative and overall "fuller" site. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Saturday, 30th marked the sixth year of The Two Techies. A huge thank you for your incredible support over the past 306 episodes in the last 6 years, and for supporting all of the endeavours of the network.

We will be joined by Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline this Saturday (6th February) on episode 307.

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The Two Techies 306: Not NeededSat, 30th January 2016
Apple reports record results for yet another quarter whilst analysts remain unimpressed, is Twitter troubled after a mass exodus of executives and Three defends their mobile tariff price hikes for all customers.
The Two Techies 305: Dubious Pricing  - Sat, 23rd January 2016
Can Apple spark more interest in wearables? Price doesn’t worry Google and what privacy really means.
The Two Techies 304: Dropping Temperatures  - Sat, 16th January 2016
Could an over-reliance on “smart”, connected devices prove to be an issue? Netflix cracks down on proxy streaming and the problem with mobile advertising.
The Two Techies 303: CES Free Zone  - Sat, 9th January 2016
The Oculus Rift has a price tag, will Apple make major mistakes with the iPhone 7 and what kept the music industry afloat in 2015?
The Two Techies 302: Keeping PaceSat, 2nd January 2016
What to expect from CES 2016, tech companies will face criminal charges in the event that they notify users of UK government spying and is planned obsolescence something which companies should get away with?

Interesting Reads

A new section for this month, "interesting reads" will include links to articles, videos etc that we have found interesting.
  • Data Infrastructure at IFTTT - An article from the IFTTT team regarding how data is handled/stored at IFTTT. It's from a few months ago but still makes for a fascinating read.
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