What Happened at MunchTech in March.

March at MunchTech


It's hard to believe we're now into the fourth month of 2016. Hopefully April Fools' passed everyone without too many hiccups! Here's a look at what happened at the network over March.

On the first show of the month, we were by Rob Greenlee on Episode 311; Rob discussed a variety of topics including online security, broadband speeds around the globe and monopolisation of particular technological markets.
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The Two Techies 314: iPad Mini Air Pro 2  - Sat, 26th March 2016
Apple’s product line becomes that little bit more fragmented, over-relying on technology isn’t the best idea and does Pebble’s latest revelation spell bad news for smart watches?
The Two Techies 313: Close to Loop  - Sat, 19th March 2016
HSBC swaps passwords and security questions for Touch ID and voice recognition, Apple are in heated talks with the FBI and Adobe causes havoc with an update to Creative Cloud.
The Two Techies 312: Less than Secure  - Sat, 12th March 2016
Bosch is building it’s own Internet of Things cloud network, Apple confirm a Spring event for March 21st and Microsoft sneakily release an ad generator inside of a security update.
The Two Techies 311: Technically Challenged  - Sat, 5th March 2016
Joined by Rob Greenlee, when will the broadband bottleneck be resolved, will Facebook’s tax scenario play off and is monopolisation of a market ever a good thing?
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