What Happened at MunchTech in August.

August at MunchTech

Well, the summer (or winter) months are now drawing to a close which can only mean we are heading into the latter half of 2016, which is crazy by itself. There are a couple of events lined up around the corner including the Apple and Sony event, both of which we will be discussing on the show in September. Meanwhile, take a look back on what happened in tech in the month of August.
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The Two Techies 336: Young at 25  - Sat, 27th August 2016
Does technology always get it right? The future for consumer devices and when companies hold a little bit too much information.
The Two Techies 335: Surprising Statistics  - Sat, 19th August 2016
Will a second generation Apple Watch bring much to the table for consumers? ISP’s don’t have to give information up on alleged copyright infringers and businesses make more use of tablet devices than consumers in certain markets.
The Two Techies 334: Disconcerting Pattern  - Sat, 13th August 2016
iOS 10 tidbits from the latest beta, could Apple finally be refocusing efforts on computers and Hulu waves goodbye to its free service.
The Two Techies 333: Recurring Theme  - Sat, 6th August 2016
Just how dangerous are malicious USB sticks? Amazon patents a good idea but an unlikely product and the problem with email notifications and alerts from companies.
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