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Population ageing is an issue requiring perspectives from many disciplines. It shares this with other important social issues of the 21st century – climate change for one. But whereas climate change conferences have gathered experts from multiple disciplines together for decades - at least since the 1988 Toronto conference calling for targets on carbon emissions -    there have been very few population ageing conferences with a genuinely multidisciplinary base.
So it was especially satisfying that the first CEPAR Conference last month had more than 150 participants, 70 papers presented, and that almost all delegates attended all four keynotes – covering epidemiology, economics, finance, and sociology.  Feedback was very positive, from academics, policy-makers and practitioners. The event obviously filled a gap. The quality of the discussion was high, and the energy of the conference was maintained through its 2 ½ days, a sign that this is an initiative worth repeating. 

John Piggott

1st CEPAR International Conference

With more than 150 attendees and 70 papers presented, CEPAR's 1st International Conference brought together researchers, policymakers and practitioners from around the world.

Over two and a half days, the conference featured papers from economists, sociologists, epidemiologists, actuaries and psychologists bringing a truly multi-disciplinary approach to the understanding of population ageing research

The four keynote speakers were well-received. Eileen Crimmins presented her research on the global physiological changes that have contributed to improved longevity and posed the question of whether the wealth that has led to longer lives will eventually lead to a reduction in longevity as a result of increases in non-communicable disease.

Michael Keane presented on the impact of cognitive decline in complex financial decision making. Theo Nijman provided an interesting comparison of the Dutch and Australian pension systems, two systems regarded as world leading and yet very different. The final keynote was presented by James Nazroo, on the impact of socioeconomic inequality on ageing in the UK. 

The audience featured a cross section of representatives from our Government and industry partners, as well as emerging researchers, students and other academics. We were particularly pleased to welcome some of our international CEPAR affiliates. We would like to extend our thanks to all participants for making the conference a success. 

All keynotes presentations are now available on the CEPAR website 

Age Friendly Business

The Conference concluded on July 4 with an Industry Forum addressing the issue of Age Friendly Business. The Forum featured Dr John Beard, Director of the Department of Ageing and Life Course from the World Health Organisation and CEPAR Partner George Savvides, Managing Director of Medibank Private, a CEPAR partner organisation. 

Following the keynote speakers, a distinguished panel comprising Paul Clitheroe, Robert Cumming, Heather Ridout and Michael Sherris addressed the issueChaired by the Australian School of Business' Julie Cogin, Deputy Dean (Engagement) the discussion provided an informed perspective on the challenges of population ageing in the workplace for business and Government. 


Featured Research

Authors Katja Hanewald, Thomas Post and Michael Sherris have release a working paper examining options for accessing home equity in retirement

Portfolio Choice in Retirement - what is the optimal home Equity Release Product ?


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Visiting us for the 1st CEPAR International Conference, Professor Hanming Fang is this month's featured researcher.

A CEPAR Partner Investigator  from the University of Pennsylvania, Hanming presented a paper entitled "Equilibrium Labour Market Search and Health Insurance Reform"


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Welcome Tim Adair to CEPAR Advisory Board

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