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An index of CEPAR’s growing global reputation is the increasing number of international visiting scholars we host. In August alone we have more than 10 visitors arriving, some to stay for a week or so, others for much longer stays. 
Hanming Fang, from the University of Pennsylvania, will be visiting throughout August to help us gain traction with a research program on Ageing in China. This is the first of three Northern summer visits for Hanming – he will join us again in 2016 and 2017. Other prominent visitors include Gary Hansen (UCLA), Ermanno Pittaco (Trieste), Ross Andel (South Florida), Moshe Milevsky (York) and Michael Orszag (Towers Watson). Later in the year we will be hosting Ayse Imrohoroglu (Marshall Business School, USC) and Peter Zweifel (Zurich). more
CEPAR Research: projects, people, presentations and publications
CEPAR People 
Visiting Scholar: Olivia Mitchell 
Partner Investigator Professor Olivia Mitchell, Executive Director, Pension Research Council, Wharton School, visited CEPAR in July to collaborate with CEPAR researchers and to participate in the 23rd annual Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers.

She participated in the Colloquium's opening roundtable which focused on the 2014 Financial System Inquiry recommendation for a comprehensive income product for retirement (CIPR).

 “Based on my work in Chile and Singapore, as well as the US, it would appear that automatically enrolling people into a deferred annuity might be a good path for Australia...This is particularly valuable as people will likely require help managing their money at older ages due to mental decline,” said Mitchell. more
New Research Fellow
Jennifer Alonso-Garcia has joined the team working on the ARC Linkage Project examining pensions and retirement incomes in Australia and the Netherlands. 
Originally from Asturias in Northern Spain, our newest Research Fellow's travels, and studies in mathematics and actuarial science, have taken her to Germany, the Netherlands, Southern Spain and then to the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, where she has submitted her PhD thesis on Notional (Non-Financial) Defined Contribution Schemes with a focus on Sweden. more
Deputy Director Peter McDonald addressed the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's commemorative conference Past reflections and future directions on Regional Cooperation on Migration in an Interconnected World; and participated in a plenary which considered International Migration and Employment in Australia at the International Conference on Population Geographies.

Senior Research Fellow Rafal Chomik was invited to address the conference Models to Support the Ageing Workforceto help  HR professionals prepare for the impact of an ageing workforce on the nation's productivity and economic performance.  

Working Papers
Our latest Working Paper explores how well the Australian means-tested pension system provides social insurance by calculating possible welfare gains from changing the settings in the current means-tested pension system. How Well Does the Australian Aged Pension Provide Social Insurance? by Emily Dabbs, Associate Investigator Cagri Kumru and Director John Piggott. 
Journal publications 
CEPAR's multidisciplinary approach is evident in the paper by Research Fellow Richard Burns looking at the effects of physical and mental health on morbidity:  Examination of the Association Between Mental Health, Morbidity and Mortality in Late Life: Findings from Longitudinal Surveys, International Psychogeriatrics.

Associate Investigator Rong Zhu's paper Wage Differentials between Urban Residents and Rural Migrants in Urban China during 2002 - 2007: A Distributional Analysis was published in China Economic Review.

Reverse mortgages can provide an alternative source of funding for ageing homeowners, but are not without risk. Research Fellow Adam Shao, Associate Investigator Katja Hanewald and Chief Investigator Michael Sherris published Reverse Mortgage Pricing and Risk Analysis Allowing for Idiosyncratic House Price Risk and Longevity Risk in Insurance: Mathematics and Economics. 

Research Fellow George Kudrna, Associate Investigator Chung Tran and Chief Investigator Alan Woodland published The dynamic fiscal effects of demographic shift: The case of Australia  in Economic Modelling.

Blood Pressure, Brain Structure, and Cognition: Opposite Associations in Men and Women by Associate Investigator Nicholas Cherbuin and Chief Investigator Kaarin Anstey with Mortby, Janke and Abhayaratna, is published by the American Journal of Hypertension.
Grants for Research
CEPAR researchers have been very successful in attracting new grants to fund research. 

Grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC) will fund a project led by Associate Investigator Hazel Bateman looking at ways to ensure financial well-being in old age, and John Piggott and Chief Investigator Michael Sherris  will undertake research to assess costs associated with long term aged care provision in China.

The NRMA is providing funds towards a study by Chief Investigator Kaarin Anstey into ways to improve the skills of older drivers and assess the viability of tailored driving lessons. 

A Visual History of Demographic Data 
CEPAR's latest  fact sheet examines Australian population figures and trends from 1945 to the most recent Treasury projections in the 2015 Intergenerational Report (IGR).  more
Financial stress faced by older women
Women may live longer and have better mental and physical health but they are often much less well prepared financially for ageing. 

The 2015 COTA Australia National Policy Forum  on Gender and Ageing invited key experts to look at policies that bridge gender gaps in older Australians.  Associate Investigators Hazel Bateman (Richer or poorer - gender, income and wealth) and Julie Byles (A quality life - gender, health and well being)  participated in discussions to generate principles, policy directions and specific ideas  to meet the needs of older Australians from a gender perspective. 


2015 Diary

The Summer School On Longitudinal and Life Course Research
Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories, University of Bamberg
31 August - 4 September more

CESifo Conference
Pension Taxation, Population Ageing, and Globalisation
3 - 4 September  more

National Dementia Research and Knowledge Translation Forum
7 - 8 September more

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APRU Symposium
UNSW Australia and CEPAR will host the APRU Research Symposium  - two days of keynote lectures, contributed papers and a PhD workshop. Sydney 27 - 29 September  more

ERA 2015 Conference
Melbourne 7 - 8 December
The theme is 'Bringing Research to Life' more





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