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Centre Director's Message

China is one of the world’s most rapidly ageing nations, and certainly the largest. CEPAR expertise is directly relevant to China’s ageing challenge. As our profile in the region grows, it is essential that we build connection with Chinese researchers and policymakers. 

Funding awarded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, and UNSW, over the last year allowed us to initiate workshops and conferences both here and in China to build networks of Chinese scholars studying demographic change.


Director's Spotlight: China

December 2013 saw the continuation of CEPAR's work in China.

A delegation comprising Elisabetta Magnani, Hazel Bateman and John Piggott  attended a number of key research institutions including one of China's top universities, Tsinghua. The delegation also visited the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the College of Public Policy and Administration and the South Western University of Finance and Economics.  The group presented keynote addresses and workshops on pension issues across the five days.

Professor Piggott said the trip was an important opportunity to extend CEPAR's international research network ahead of this year's GO8C9 graduate conference which CEPAR will co-host in Sydney. The topic of this year's graduate workshop will be population ageing.

"Our research on the issue of population ageing will contribute to the knowledge base from which policy responses to this important issue can be prepared. Building these links with researchers in China facilitates knowledge sharing with one of our most important neighbours in the region," Professor Piggott said.

For more on CEPAR and China, see the Director's Message
Different risk factors to ageing well identified for men and women

Hal Kendig will present new research findings on the risk factors associated with ageing well at the Impact of Ageing on Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference in Barcelona this week. 

The findings identified that risk factors to   ageing well differ for men and women. The findings are from the Melbourne Longitudinal Studies on Healthy Ageing Program (MELSHA) and are co-authored by CEPAR Associate Investigator Colette Browning. 

These findings are an important step on the road to designing and implementing interventions to assist people in the process of ageing well.

Healthy Life Expectancy workshop

Carol Jagger and Jean-Marie Robine's visit in December was so well received it has prompted a return visit in June this year.  

The workshop conducted at ANU made a 
significant contribution to building Australia's expertise in the important area of Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE). The June 2014 workshops will provide further training for Australian researchers working with local data to develop reliable HLE predictions here.


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Researcher profile

Meet economist  Simen Markussen who is visiting  from the Frisch Centre in Oslo for the summer.



Featured research

Thirty Years of the United Nations and Global Ageing: An Australian Perspective  by Hal Kenig, Ninan Lucas and Kaarin J. Anstey. Published in the Australasian Journal on Ageing


Events 2014

11th Annual Summer Workshop in the Economics of Health and Ageing
Friday 31 January 2014

Carol Jagger early career researcher workshop
June 2014
Details TBC

GO8C9 Post-graduate conference on Population Ageing
June 2014
Details TBC


22nd Annual Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers
July 2014
Details TBC

Policy Dialogue - Population Ageing Retrospect and Prospect
July 2014
Details TBC

Emerging Researchers in Ageing
Flinders University
November 2014
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