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Centre Director's Message

Our watchword at CEPAR is “engagement”. A word that tends to be over-used, because there are no good substitutes. It is front and centre for us because without engagement,  it is impossible for research effort to have impact. To have impact, research has to reach beyond its disciplinary boundaries, and beyond academia. And to achieve that, you have to engage end-users with your research findings. 


Superannuation Seminar Series

The 2014 CEPAR Pension and Superannuation seminar series provides an excellent opportunity to network with scholars from Australia and overseas who are acknowledged as leaders in their field or undertaking cutting edge research. We invite attendance of participants from other universities and from industry. More Information is available on the CEPAR website


Director's Spotlight: Research Engagement

Hazel Bateman from UNSW and Cathy Gong from ANU have been appointed as Directors of Research Engagement. 

The posts have been created to engage our partners throughout the research process. This includes exchanging information to gain a stronger understanding of the knowledge gaps that exist within industry and government as well as identifying and arranging appropriate forums to bring stakeholders together. 

"These positions are important  in ensuring the ongoing relevance and impact of CEPAR's research
 work  as we work toward bridging the knowledge gap around the challenges and opportunities presented by population ageing" said John Piggott, Centre Director. 

If you would like to find out more about the roles or meet with Cathy or Hazel, feel free to contact CEPAR

2013 Annual Report

The 2013 Annual Report is being finalised for submission to the Australian Research Council.

The report details CEPAR's extensive array of activity in 2013, our third year of operation. Last year saw CEPAR employ a range of mechanisms to engage industry, government and the broader population.

ighlights include our first international conference, 117 journal publications and  61 research projects underway. The annual report also provides a comprehensive articulation of all of CEPAR's research projects. Divided into four strands, a feature that stands out across all strands and disciplines, is the extensive modelling work undertaken. CEPAR actuaries, economists, psychologists, epidemiologists and demographers, and their co-authors, model longevity risk, healthy life expectancy,  demographic projections and economic outcomes. 

Several specific areas of interest emerged in 2013: Risk management modelling around new products for funding retirement such as reverse mortgages and annuities; an examination of retirement decision making, including the involvement of government policy levers in the household decision making process; longevity modelling and the development of an Australian expertise in healthy life expectancy modelling. As with all areas of CEPAR research, this work makes a significant contribution to the evidence base required by policy makers and product providers. 

The momentum gained in 2013 will ensure that CEPAR's agenda remains brimming through 2014. The 2013 Annual Report will be available shortly.
Featured research

Individual Judgement and Trust Formation: An Experimental Investigation of Online Financial Advice. Using an online incentivized discrete choice experiment, authors Julie Agnew, Hazel Bateman, Christine Eckert, Fedor Iskhakov, Jordan Louviere and Susan Thorp study how well individuals judge financial advice and whether factors other than advice quality influence their evaluations.


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Researcher profile

Meet new Associate Investigator Tamara Jacka who has a background researching rural China and urban migration.  Tamara has completed a research paper, scheduled to be published in June, that examines the impact of that migration on those, such as the elderly, who are left behind. 


In the news

ABC 7:30 Report
25 February 2014
John Piggott on budget sustainability and raising the retirement age


Events 2014

Healthy Life Expectancies workshop for Early Career Researchers
17-19 June 2014, ANU
Applications OPEN

22nd Annual Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers
7-8 July 2014, UNSW
Abstracts submissions

Policy Dialogue - Population Ageing Retrospect and Prospect
1 July 2014, ANU
Details TBC

Academy of Social Sciences in Australia Annual Symposium
11 November 2014, Canberra
Details TBC

Emerging Researchers in Ageing
November 2014, Flinders University
Details TBC
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