May 2013 CEPAR newsletter.

Centre Director's Message

This issue focuses on Asia and China in particular. The speed at which Asia's population is ageing and the fact that it is happening at much lower levels of development than in OECD countries prompted a closer look at the causes and impacts of this significant change in our region. The opportunity for Australia to contribute our expertise and learn from the Asian experience in this area is enormous. 


Featured Research 

Lindy Clemson, from our Sydney University node, co-authored this piece featured in the Asian Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics this coming month. The research examines the quality of prescribing practices in aged care rehabilitation units in Australia. 

Building links with China

This month, CEPAR sent a delegation to China to build links with selected research institutions including one of China's top universities, including Zhejiang and Tsinghua.

Led by John Piggott , the delegation included Elisabetta Magnani, Lu Bei and Rafal Chomik. The group participated in a range of activities including a two day workshop with PhD students and academics from Zhejiang. This was a significant event for CEPAR in working towards its goal of building capacity in the next generation of ageing researchers. Given the expected impact of the ageing population in Asia, especially China, it is important to build these research linkages that  will provide the basis for future joint projects.

The trip also included a seminar at the Brookings-Tsinghua Centre for Public Policy on Ageing Populations and Pensions Systems and  the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The feedback from participants was very positive.

The UNSW node of CEPAR has welcomed two Zhejiang PhD students whose visit here is an example of the strong beginnings of the early career research exchange program. We look forward to the flourishing of this program through continued dialogue with our Chinese counterparts as we work toward  the development of cross national comparisons on the impact of population ageing.


AMP Launch: Asia in the Ageing Century 

The next instalment of CEPAR's briefing paper series was launched last week with industry partner AMP. 

AMP hosted a cocktail party to launch the papers on Level 26 of their Circular Quay building. With stunning night time views of Sydney Harbour guests, including a visiting delegation from China, were presented with the insights of the latest briefing papers from Centre Director John Piggott.

Author Rafal Chomik split the subject matter in three separate papers focussing on demography, retirement income and health care. Each paper also features relevant research from other CEPAR research staff. 

Asia in the ageing century: Part I - Population trends

Asia in the ageing century: Part II - Retirement Income

Asia in the ageing century: Part III - Healthcare


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Staff profile: Shiko Maruyama

In addition to his research work with CEPAR, Health Economist Shiko Maruyama also teaches at UNSW in the School of Economics.

Read about Shiko and his intriguing favourite travel destination!


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