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CEPAR begins 2017 on a strong note. A strength of a centre such as CEPAR is our capacity to promote and celebrate the talents and expertise of our researchers so we can bring together our range of stakeholders to build initiatives. 

We are proud to announce Professor Heather Booth, an Associate Investigator with CEPAR, has become Australia's first female Professor of Demography as well as the School of Demography's Director of Research at ANU more

CEPAR Research: projects, people, presentations and publications

Heather Booth
World leader in ageing research appointed Australia's first female professor of demography

Heather Booth, an Associate Investigator with CEPAR, has become Australia's first female Professor of Demography as well as ANU's School of Demography Director of Research says women don't put themselves forward for promotion more

Millicent Cripe
CEPAR welcomes its first Fulbright scholar

CEPAR welcomes Fulbright scholar Millicent Cripe who'll be with us for 10 months studying Australia's new Primary Health Networks (PHN) more
Published in October 2016 Population Ageing and Australia's Future edited by CEPAR Chief Investigators Hal Kendig, Peter McDonald and John Piggott is now available as a free download via The Australian National University (ANU) website here.

Chapters by many of Australia's leading scholars give evidence supporting policies that deal with the challenges of Australia's ageing population. It builds on presentations made to the 2014 Symposium of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. The book is in four parts:
1) Perspectives on Ageing,
2) Population Ageing: Global, Regional and Australian Perspectives,
3) Improving Health and Wellbeing
4) Responses by Government and Families/Individuals.

George Kudrna has published
Means Testing Public Pensions: A Policy Option for an Ageing Population through ANU's Crawford School of Public Policy Tax and Transfer Policy Institute's blog. He outlines a design for means testing of Australia's Aged Pension, gives a comparison with targeted pensions in other countries and talks about the economic impacts. It's available here.  

There are also five working papers:

Kang, B. & Ziveyi, J. (2017). Optimal Surrender of Guaranteed Minimum Maturity Benefits under Stochastic Volatility and Interest Rates. (Working Paper 2017/05). Available here.    

Gudkov, N., Ignatieva, K. & Ziveyi, J. (2017). Pricing of GMWB Options in Variable Annuities under Stochastic Volatility, Stochastic Interest Rates and Stochastic Mortality via the Componentwise Splitting Method. (Working Paper 2017/04). Available

Chomik, R., Piggott, J. & McDonald, P. (2017). The Impact of Demographic Change on Labour Supply and Economic Growth: Can APEC Meet the Challenges Ahead? (Working Paper 2017/03). Available

Alonso Garcia, J., Wood, O. & Ziveyi, J. (2017). Pricing and Hedging Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits under a General Levy Framework using the COS Method. (Working Paper 2017/02). Available

Capatina, E. (2017). Selection in Employer Provided Health Insurance. (Working Paper 2017/01). Available here.
APEC - holding back the headwinds of an ageing population
A CEPAR report, commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Employment, on the economic impact of demographic change in the APEC region was presented at an APEC workshop in Vietnam this month more

Future trends: living longer and the challenges of disability and health
CEPAR invited world experts to its Longevity Workshop held at the Sydney offices of PWC and organised with the International Actuarial Association Mortality Working Group.

Topics covered: high-age mortality and frailty; multi-state actuarial models of functional disability; and longevity and health - can we have both? more

Challenges for the pension system: Lessons for Australia
A rapid acceleration in Australia's ageing population presents a huge cost for age-related public programs. George Kudrna has looked at the positive impact of Norway's reforms more

2017 Diary

Pensions and Superannuation Seminar Series

Network Centrality and Pension Fund Manager Performance
Ian Tonks, University of Bath, School of Management 
6 March
This paper investigates the importance of networks between investment consultants and pension fund managers.

Über Retirement
Paul Secunda, Marquette University, School of Law
13 March
The noteworthy growth of "gig companies" in the "sharing economy" has renewed concerns that even more American workers will lack access to employment-based retirement plans.

INPARR Conference
OECD Paris. INPARR (International Network for Pensions, Aging, and Retirement Research) Conference
21 June

Annual Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers
UNSW Sydney.
Colombo Theatre
6-7 July
Call for papers now open.

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