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Centre Director's Message

At the start of the year, there is the opportunity to step back and reflect on the links between CEPAR research and our external stakeholders.

Often the conduit for engagement is policy reform. Last year, CEPAR was active in bringing informed debate to bear on aged care policy and mature labour force participation. This year, early indications are that aged care will continue to build, superannuation and retirement saving will be at the forefront of debate.


Profiling our Partnerships: PwC

CEPAR works closely with a number of industry and government partners which each bring an extremely valuable and unique end-user perspective to the research. 

This month we profile PwC, an outstanding partner, always willing to help with insights, data and events. PwC Partner Catherine Nance spoke to us about the importance of the relationship from the industry perspective. 

Investing in research excellence for the future

We will shortly be welcoming several new research fellows, PhD and Honours students who will join over 50 young researchers currently attached to CEPAR. This is one of the core dimensions of our purpose – to build high quality research capacity for the future.

But it is also an important reason why our research is flourishing. We have been careful with our PhDs and junior appointments, taking time and making an effort to recruit the very best young scholars. We work hard at providing a stimulating and nurturing environment in which they can flourish. The large majority of our research fellows are within a few years of their PhD, still evolving as researchers.

A recent successful example is Craig Blackburn. Crag completed his PhD in the  modelling and management of longevity risk. He will take up a Research Fellow position with CEPAR in May.


Featured Research: Funding longevity

The latest publication by Katja Hanewald, John Piggott and Michael Sherris in the journal Insurance: Mathematics and Economics is an exemplary piece of CEPAR’s research work. This paper brings together Michael Sherris’s actuarial modelling expertise, the wide economic pension expertise of John Piggott, and the analytical skills of award -winning CEPAR researcher Katja Hanewald. The paper analyses optimal financial decisions of retirees, focusing on strategies that provide a regular retirement income. The study is motivated by the Australian ‘lump-sum’ culture, which in the face of ongoing improvements in life expectancy can put retirees at risk of running out of money in the later years of their retirement. The authors show that portfolio strategies that include existing products such as allocated pension (phased withdrawals) and new product innovations such as group self-annuitisation funds are preferred by retirees who want to leave an inheritance.


Staff profile

Joelle Fong, Research Fellow
Research interests and professional experience:
Private and public insurance, risk management, long-term care, pensions, and annuities

What was your motivation for wanting to work at CEPAR?
CEPAR is positioned to be a hub for Asia’s ageing research. It offers a supportive and collegial atmosphere for research.

Where were you born?  Singapore

What is your favourite:
Place? The tropics
Thing? Snowflakes
Food? Teh terik (hot Indian tea)
Author? William Wordsworth
Film?  Mamma Mia
Musician or artist? Ang Li

Travel destination? USA

Where would you most like to visit?

If I could have one wish it would be to...
Return to the clear waters of Fiji.

Upcoming Conferences

Calls for Abstracts
July 2 -3, UNSW, Sydney
Analysing Population Ageing: Multidisciplinary perspectives and Innovation
Call for abstracts closes 1 March 2013
July 9 - 10, UNSW, Sydney
21st Annual Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers
Expressions of interest and inquiries should be emailed to h.bateman@unsw.edu.au.
Abstract deadline is 1st April 2013

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