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This has been a very event-intensive year for CEPAR. November saw the last of our hosted conferences for the year. First was a Pensions conference, co-hosted with the Tokyo-based Research Institute for Pensions and Population Ageing (RIPPA). A group of international experts gathered to focus on how well earnings related pension, which are fully funded, work. (Australia’s Superannuation Guarantee is a good example). Sometimes they work well, with good governance. In other cases, the system collapses – as in Hungary and Argentina.

New CEPAR video

CEPAR launched a new video this month outlining population ageing and how CEPAR research will contribute knowledge to its government and industry partners to transform challenges into opportunities. 



Research Institute for Policies on Pension and Ageing (RIPPA) Conference

This month, CEPAR joined with one of the world's pre-eminent retirement funding research institutes, RIPPA,  to present a conference entitled Pre-funded Pension Plans: Theory, Practice and Issues. Does pre-funding work?

The event brought together international research expertise on pre-funding retirement income including CEPAR Honorary Professor Robert Holzmann, Associate Investigator Monika Buetler and RIPPA's Noriyuki Takayama. It was as part of this Conference that former World Bank economist Robert Holzmann presented his paper on financial literacy (see In the news below).

This highly specialised international conference was a unique opportunity for leading pension researchers to share insights about pre-funded pension systems  in different countries.

The abstracts and program from the event are available here

Emerging Researchers in Ageing Conference

The 13th National ERA Conference was held in Sydney this year with presenters from universities around the country. With the largest number of papers since 2009, this conference continues to provide a valuable forum for emerging researchers.  In addition to its record number of papers, this year's Conference also saw more poster presentations than ever before. 

Supporting its multi-disciplinary approach, CEPAR was pleased to have affiliated PhD candidates from a range of disciplines present papers on their research. The value of a multi-disciplinary approach was  touched on in the keynote address. In a presentation entitled Public Health and Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa - a Personal Perspective, CEPAR Chief Investigator and Sydney University node leader, Professor Robert Cumming outlined for his younger audience the recent evolution of his career as an epidemiologist. 

Plenary presenters included Professor Kathryn Refshauge, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences at Sydney University and The Hon. John George Ajaka MLC,  NSW Minister for Ageing and Disability Services.

Presenting her paper on The perceptions of older people on exercise and participation: Do men and women's views differ? CEPAR affiliated student Lynda Woodward also echoed the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach. "In my field, a successful falls prevention program needs a holistic response from all parties to the needs of the individual."

More details on the Conference can be found here

Next year's Conference will be held at Flinders University in Adelaide. 

Featured Research

Life insurer longevity risk management in a multi-period valuation framework. Co-authored by Craig Blackburn, Katja Hanewald, Annamaria Olivieri and Michael Sherris, this new working paper from CEPAR  assesses the impact of longevity risk management on insurer shareholder value and solvency for an annuity portfolio.


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Call to test SMSF Trustees
The Australian, 19 November 2013.
This article is based on an interview with Robert Holzmann, Honorary CEPAR Professor, who started an interesting discussion when outlining his approach to financial literacy and capability.
Upcoming Events

Public Lecture - Professor Carol Jagger
Pathways of health in the very old
Friday 13 December
11am - 12pm
ANU, Canberra

Public Lecture - Professor Jean-Marie Robine
Emerging international trends in mortality and longevity
Friday 13 December
2pm - 3pm
ANU, Canberra
In the news continued...

Life expectancy: Will we just keep getting older?
Sydney Morning Herald, 8 November 2013.
This article responds to the release of new life expectancy figures by the ABS and features an interview with Professor John Piggott.



Long Live Canberrans
The Canberra Times, 8 November 2013.
This article responds to the release of new life expectancy figures by the ABS and features an interview with Professor Hal Kendig.

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