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Greetings from Wyler Antiques! Continuing our discussion on porcelain, today our announcement will be about sets of porcelain and glassware plates.
Our wonderful set of 6 Antique English 19th-century Glass Plates with its "scrambled" decoration always brings forth conversation. This green-colored glass design has been applied to the outside of each plate after the plate is made. Whether used for salad or dessert, any food looks appealing on these exceptional plates.
Our oversized set of 4 Antique French 19th-century Plates is truly quite special. With their lovely colors of pink and green set on a white background, these plates are a wonderful example of French workmanship. They are heavier than normal porcelain which adds to their desirability.
Our set of 4 Antique English 19th century Worcester Dessert Plates with grapes, leaves, and wonderful colors, makes this set quite appealing. Vibrant tones are prevalent throughout the border and this set has a typical Worcester mark stamped on the back of each plate.
Our set of 4 Antique English 19th-century Scenic Plates is very special due to their subject matter. With scenes of Linlithgow Palace in Scotland, Ruins of Caesarea in Israel, Bay of Naples in Italy, and Marathon in Greece, these plates could be of interest to anyone who is fascinated with the past or is a world traveler. Each plate can stand alone but as a set of 4, they make a statement.
Our set of 6 Antique English 19th century Wedgewood Dessert Plates with a Matching Shaped Dish is extremely vibrant with its many colors. A chinoiserie design adds to the attractiveness of the set. Each plate has an impressed mark of its name on the back, adding value to the set. This Wedgewood set would look appealing on any table.
Majolica is always well received and this Antique English 19th century Majolica Set with a Pair of Shaped Dishes is no exception. The intertwining leaves are very well defined and placed on its green background, making for a very bright and exciting set.
Our set of 6 Antique Regency English Dinner Plates from 1820 is very striking in both color and design. These help to produce a sophisticated and elegant look as well as recreate the Georgian era at the dinner table.
Our striking, rich-colored, and extensive Antique English 19th century Coalport Dessert Service consists of 18 pieces. With each piece having different flowers and colors, and the addition of butterflies and insects, these all add to the appeal of the service. The extra pieces for additional uses can be viewed on our website, and make this a set anyone would want to own.
We hope that you have enjoyed our brief discussion on sets of Antique Porcelain and Glassware. If you would like to know more information about this subject or its examples, please visit either the English or Continental pages of our website. There you will see the various pieces we have discussed as well as others. If you would like to learn anything more, please feel free to email or call us at (914) 861-2429. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,
David M. Wyler
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