We’ve had a good but not great Summer here at JFP. As usual the state of the economy is reflected in our sales however, as I never get tired of saying "We’re still here" and we’re still recording. Speaking of recording, we were able to lay down two new Kerides episodes before Sarah Schenkkan our Adrea left for her new life in New York City and the pursuit of her dream of becoming a successful actor. Not to worry though, she’ll be returning for holidays and we’ll get her in the studio for more adventures about the young Greek thinker in the ancient days of Egypt.

Other news regarding the JFP family:

Sable Jak has once again been given the nod by The Moondance International Film Festival. Her radio script: "A Few Good Friends" was a finalist in this year's competition. We produced the script in 2008 and the recording is available in our single episode downloads. A brief description is: Poor mad Lady Anna's estate has fallen into disrepair, but if cousin James thinks she's incapable of keeping it, he's about to find out just how gruesomely wrong he is.

Dancing with Eternity

John Patrick Lowrie (Sherlock Holmes) has a new book out called "Dancing With Eternity." It’s his first novel and for those who love Science Fiction based on possible probabilities with a dash of swashbuckling and moral concepts that will stir a response in every reader, this is a must read. Check it out on


What would happen if Odysseus met Captain Ahab in the Fortieth Century? Only Captain Ahab is a beautiful woman named Steel who owns her own starship, and Odysseus is an unemployed actor named Mohandas who's stuck on the backside of a backwater moon because he won't pay his taxes. Everybody almost everybody lives forever, and there's a telepathic Internet that allows the entire population of the galaxy to communicate at will and even experience the world from another person's perspective.


"In the far flung future, the human experience is a much different one indeed. Dancing with Eternity is a science fiction novel set in the fortieth century and following the misadventures and failures of Mohandas in an otherwise more perfect universe. Humorous and thoughtful, Dancing with Eternity may prove a fun read for science fiction fans with a strong interest in deep space travel and other elements of the far flung future." Midwest Book Review/Small Press Bookwatch

"Two thousand years from now, people don't die; they just reboot, choosing what to remember, what to forget. The results are not always what they or we expect. In Dancing with Eternity, John Lowrie has imagined a richly detailed world of space travel among colonized planets by characters whose minds and bodies alike are malleable, the specs stored on the 'net' and retrievable when necessary. The storytelling in this novel is lush and highly imaginative, and backed by the author s encyclopedic knowledge of our world and his deep understanding of what makes us human." Jerry Stubblefield, author of Homunculus (Black Heron Press)
"In Dancing With Eternity John has constructed the idyllic science fiction novel with all the elements that real fans crave: adventure, mystery, space travel, alien worlds, hard science projections, and a wonderful cast of characters from a future society. But, more important, the book dances with timeless philosophical questions which may require hard-thinking, real-life answers much sooner than we realize." Frank Simcoe, author, Ridiculous Destiny

"An utterly believable depiction of other worlds and races, imagination drips from every page. John Patrick Lowrie has more talent than any human being has a right to possess. A triumph of science fiction. I only wish I'd written it!" M J Elliott, Editor of The Whisperer in Darkness, The Horror in the Museum, The Right Hand of Doom, The Haunter of the Ring

"As an ex-NASA tether specialist and consultant on the Shuttle tether missions, I found this a refreshingly accurate narrative of what it might be like to experience such life and related activities that (are) outside our normal realms." ----Dave Lang

"As I was enjoying this book, stepping through a delightful minefield of lifeless sacred cows, I found the advanced computer concepts presented within assembling themselves in actual experiments in the real world without!" Chuck Pliske, former NASA Computer Engineer

"Dancing with Eternity is a fascinating sci-fi thriller that depicts the world as it might be in the future .... It is a fairly quick read because the flow of the storyline keeps you fascinated and intrigued. This is one book that sci-fi enthusiasts should put on their "must-read" list." ----Tracey Rock for Reader Views


QR Code

Hello all. If you’ve been on our web site then you are already familiar with the new QR code symbol we’ve added to our arsenal of ways to contact If you haven’t been to the site lately here’s what I’m talking about.

We will be slowly altering our printed materials, i.e. CD inserts and brochures, etc. to contain this handy little code so that you can simply scan it with your smart phone or tablet device and have it in your history to easily look up what we're doing at Jim French Productions.

As a preview, scan the above symbol with your favorite electronic gizmo and see what happens.

Another addition to our website store is our new Paypal account. Yes are now accepting Paypal as a way to pay for all of your orders. So for those of you who aren't comfortable using your credit cards to order online here's a way that fast and easy.

On another note, many of you listen to Imagination Theatre, Harry Nile and Sherlock Holmes over the Sirius/XM Satellite system and we have received several complaints of over repetition of many of the episodes. Fortunately Larry and I were able to have a long lunch with the program director of Sirius Channel 80, where our shows play, Maggie Linton. A good deal of the discussion was in regard to this "problem" with the three of us looking into ways to correct it and I’m happy to report we agreed on the proper steps needed and have already implemented them.

By now many of you have heard the first Harry Nile episode with Mary Anne Dorward* as the new voice of Murphy, and I’ll wager many of you haven’t. The show, "Don’t Forget to Write," is currently up on the website on the "LISTEN NOW" page so why not do just that? I’m very happy with her work but I do know it will take some time before folks get used to her in the role. Larry tells me that after almost seven years as Harry Nile he still gets asked what happed to Phil Harper.

*Mary Anne’s bio is in our current "Meet the Actors" segment of this newsletter.



Six CD set for $39.95 or as a download for $30.00

With full authorization from the Conan Doyle estate we bring you our second collection of full cast audio presentations of 12 of the famous Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, dramatized by noted British writer M. J. Elliott and starring John Patrick Lowrie as Holmes with Lawrence Albert as Dr. Watson.

The Adventure of The Beryl Coronet - First published May 1892

The Boscombe Valley Mystery - First published October 1891

The Cardboard Box - First published January 1893

The Adventure of the Creeping Man - First published March 1923

The Adventure of the Dying Detective - First published November 1913

The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez - First published June 1904

The Greek Interpreter - First published September 1893

The Adventure of the Illustrious Client - First published November 1924

The Adventure of the Lion's Mane - First published December 1926

The Disappearance of Lady France Carfax - First published Dec. of 1911  

The Gloria Scott - First published April 1893

The Adventure of the Brice-Partington Plans - First published Dec. 1908



Single CD Volume for $12.95 or as a download for $7.00

Listen as Dr. Watson tells:

The Two Watsons - In this special double length episode we have a "locked room" mystery for the Baker Street duo to solve with murder, plenty of suspects and a possible new rival to challenge Sherlock Holmes. Guest Starring Mary Anne Dorward, the new voice of Murphy on The Adventures of Harry Nile.

The Adventure of the Apothecary Shop - A local chemist (pharmacist in the US) is murdered and a large amount of cocaine is missing. Fortunately there's an eyewitness who saw the killer as plain as day. She says there is no doubt the murderer was…Sherlock Holmes.


Four CD Volume for $29.95 or as a download for $20.00


The Margate Deception - The Paradol Chamber - The Death of Artemus Ludwig - The Tragedy of Saxon’s - The Highlander’s Letter - Bardsley Triangle - The Hudson Problem - The Winterbourne Phantom - The Mystery of the Ten Pound Note -The Two Watsons (Double-Length) - The Adventure of the Apothecary Shop


6 CD Volume for $39.95 or as a download for $30.00

On January 1, 1976, Harry Nile went on the air for the first time over KVI, Seattle in a play called "West For My Health", in which Harry spent a very unhappy New Year's Eve of 1939. December of 1976, the second Harry Nile aired, and a series was born.  For 28 years Phil Harper played the part of Harry, when he passed away in 2004 a decision had to be made whether to kill the series or find a new Harry. After much discussion it was decided to recast the part. Larry Albert was chosen to take over the role with Pat French continuing as Murphy. A new sound and a new team but the same high quality you've come to expect in The Adventures of Harry Nile. In this collection you’ll find the first 6 single CD releases of Larry's stories as Harry, 17 episodes in all, over 6 hours of mystery and menace.

The Adventures of Harry Nile Set contains the following episodes:

The Judge From Whiskey Dick: Guest starring Russell Johnson (Gillgan's Island) -The Mystery of the Galena: Guest starring Russell Johnson - Silent Witness - This Corpus Ain't Habeas Anymore: Guest starring Cynthia Geary of "Northern Exposure." - The Nightmares of Melinda Magee - P. T. Barnum was Right - A Scheduled Murder - A Bag of Money: Guest starring 50's TV star Rosemary Rice - Writing Wrongs - The Pink Bicycle - The Waitress and the Wheelman: Guest starring Cynthia Lauren Tewes from ABC TV's "The Love Boat" - Fool's Gold - The Dying Game: Guest starring Russell Johnson and Paul Herlinger (Whit of Adventures in Odyssey) - The Case of the Bogus Bettor - Night of Surprises: Guest starring 50's TV star Rosemary Rice, film and TV actor and one time voice of the Los Angeles Ram Gil Stratton and film actress Kathryn Grant Crosby - Deadlier Than the Mail - Harry's Game


Single CD Volume for $12.95 or as a download for $7.00

December 7th 1941, a date that did more then just pull the United States into W. W. II. This day mobilized a nation and changed the lives of millions of Americans forever. Men and women from all walks of life had only one question that needed to be answered, "What can I do to help win this war?" For many, around 11 million, the answer was easy, put on the uniforms of this country and fight. However, not all were physically fit enough to be a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Coast Guardsman; so they had to find another way. The two stories on this CD will take you from just before D-Day in June of 1944, to August of 1945 when the war and the world were changed forever and Harry is still looking for a way to "join up."

CHAPTER THREE: D-DAY MINUS ONE - How is it possible that Harry Nile suddenly finds himself as an important part of the success or failure of the June 6, 1944 Normandy Invasion. Guest starring Richard Sanders from TVs "WKRP in Cincinnati."

CHAPTER FOUR: THE MISSING PAGES - Summer 1945, Hitler is dead, Germany has surrendered, the invasion of Japan is in the works and Harry Nile is still working as Security Chief with his chances of actually getting into the war looking bleaker and bleaker. However the actions of a man long dead may help change this.


Single CD Volume for $12.95 or as a download for $7.00

A J. Raffles, gentleman, brilliant amateur cricket player, and thief was created in 1898 by E. W. Hornung, brother-in-law of Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Like his Baker Street cousin, Raffles has enjoyed a long history in print, on the stage, in film and on television and radio. He is possibly one of the original anti-heroes long before that term existed. However, though a thief he is not a villian but then again he's not Robin Hood either. You decide as you listen to his adventures in the England of a fondly remembered by-gone age

NINE POINTS OF THE LAW adapted from the original by M. J. Elliott: Raffles is a bit hard up for cash so he answers a newspaper advertisement and finds he's being interviewed for a job as… a thief.

A CHANGE OF DIRECTION by John Hall: As has been said many times before "No good deed goes unpunished." A cynical phrase to be sure and yet, one that doesn't stop Raffles from trying to help a suicidal man set some errors straight. However, is all as it should be?

RAFFLES AND MISS MORRIS by John Hall: Once again the Machiavellian mind of England's most daring jewel thief works its magic as it handles schemes within schemes and plans within plans much to the confusion of those involved.


4 CD set for $29.95 or as a download for $20.00

With John Armstrong as Raffles, Dennis Bateman as Harry (Bunny) Manders and Lawrence Albert as Inspector McKenzie you’ll enjoy:

THE IDES OF MARCH Adapted from the original by M. J. Elliott

A COSTUME PIECE Adapted from the original by M. J. Elliott

A GIFT FROM THE GODS Written by M. J. Elliott

OUT OF PARADISE (Guest starring Cynthia Lauren Tewes) Adapted from the original by M. J. Elliott

GETNLEMEN AND PLAYERS Adapted from the original by M. J. Elliott

Le PREMIER PAS Adapted from the original by M. J. Elliott

A LONG NIGHT Written by M. J. Elliott

THE ARDAGH EMERALDS Written by John Hall

WILFUL MURDER Adapted from the original by M. J. Elliott

NINE POINTS OF THE LAW Adapted from the original by M. J. Elliott

A CHANGE OF DIRECTION Written by John Hall



FROM CRISIS – ALONG A DARK ROAD – Original air date 11/29/73 What's the danger of time traveling to the past, changing the future. But what if yesteryear is not what it should be?

FROM HARRY NILEWAR COMES TO HARRY NILE CHAPT 10: FIFTEEN YEARS LATER – Original air date 4/10/11 This is Chapter 10 of War Comes to Harry Nile. The time is June 1944 and following the events of Chapter 3, "D-Day Minus One" Harry is still in England waiting to get a flight home. However, he isn't bored. He manages to get himself involved with murder, treason and a former "girl" detective. Oh yeah, he also meets an aged consulting detective, a reformed, for the duration, gentleman thief and a nut job who says he is a seeker of the strange and unusual. This special double length story celebrates 15 years of Imagination Theatre broadcasts and features guest stars John Patrick Lowrie, Terry Rose, John Armstrong, Ellen McLain and Karen Heaven.

THE FRIENDS OF JULES RISKIN – Original air date 2/25/01 A double length Harry Nile adventure. A stark tragedy brings Harry back to Chicago, and the family he left there.

MISTER FIXER – Original air date 10/4/92 From his hospital bed Harry takes a case that leads to corruption and a murder charge against him.

MURPHY'S OUTLAW – Original air date 2/2/97 A classic Harry Nile adventure starring Phil Harper. When Harry is injured Murphy takes on the case to try and find out who tried to kill him. Guest Starring Russell Johnson

POETIC JUSTICE – Original air date 5/6/11 Harry Nile has just relocated to Seattle from Los Angeles and while he's in the process of getting his P. I. license for Washington State he's still has to eat. So a little under the table work comes in handy. However, this job could put Harry not just under the table but under the ground as well, six feet under. Guest starring Northern Exposure's Cynthia Geary.

WAR COMES TO HARRY NILE CHAPT. 9: WEEKEND IN HEAVEN  – Original air date 1/30/11 Its March 1945 and we find our boy taking his first vacation in quite a while. The best part is a client of Harry's sometime lawyer Marvin Asher is picking up the whole tab. That is good, isn't it? Sure it is, if you don't mind walking into your room to find a battered and bruised drunken female on your bed.

FROM KERIDES, THE THINKER - DEATH OF A NOBODY – Original air date 4/17/11 Episode 5 of Kerides, the Thinker. Once again we travel back to Alexandria Egypt in the year 276 B. C. to learn that Kerides and Adrea hip deep in another criminal investigation. Or are they? There are some things that just don't seem right.

DEATH OF A PHARAOH – Original air date 5/15/11 Episode Six of Kerides, the Thinker. Our young scholar and reluctant detective is once again up to his neck in intrigue and danger. His task is simple, murder the ruler of ancient Egypt or the Thinker and Adrea will die.

TOO MUCH WINE – Original air date 7/22/07 Episode two of Kerides the Thinker. Once again we return to Alexandria Egypt 276 B. C. and an adventure of our young thinker and solver of mysteries Kerides of Greece. He and his friend Adrea, the former slave-girl, out for a day of shopping in the local bazaar, stop at a wine shop and find murder.

FROM MOVIES FOR YOUR MIND – GUNS FOR CUBA - Original air date 4/29/07 A gunrunner and his partner are doubled crossed by their clients and given a choice; one of the duo must murder the other. 

FROM SHERLOCK HOLMESTHE ADVENTURE OF THE SEVEN SHARES - Original airdate 9/20/98 Episode 5 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."  Sherlock Holmes sets Dr. Watson to following a suspicious visitor from South Africa who may be planning to commit mass murder. Starring John Gilbert as Holmes.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE BRUCE-PARTINGTON PLANS - Original air date 4/25/10 Episode 24 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Holmes' older brother Mycroft returns in this new adaptation of one of the best of the Conan Doyle originals. How does the discovery of a dead body of a man on the tracks of the London underground (subway) with seven pages of technical plans in his pockets threaten the British Empire and the peace of Europe?

THE CURSED OF BROKENSHORE - Original air date 6/12/11 Episode 98 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The dead are walking and there appears to be a great many of them. In this new double-length adventure Holmes and Watson are summoned to the seaside village of Brokenshore where several of the graves of the newly buried have been ripped open… from the inside!

THE MYSTERY OF EDELWEISS LODGE - Original air date 5/22/11 Episode 97 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. In this special double-length adventure Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are brought in to discover the killer of a man who planned his own murder.

THE TWO WATSONS - Original air date 10/19/08 Episode 54 in "The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes. In this special double length episode we have a "locked room" mystery for the baker street duo to solve with murder, plenty of suspects and a possible new rival to challenge Sherlock Holmes.


The Hilary Caine Mysteries Vol. 3

Kerides the Thinker

Masters of Mysteries

Kincaid, the Strangeseeker Vol. 7

Kincaid, the Strangeseeker Set 1

The History of Harry Nile Vols. 25 & 26

The History of Harry Nile the Complete Collection



Since we’ve made them available to the public we’ve sent out several hundred of the Weekly CDs all over the country. We have thousands of these CDs ready for you to order and add to your collection and remember these are the same discs that are sent out to the radio stations every week. For week # 613 on down to the earliest number we still have the price is only $2.00 per disc. For any disc over 613 the price is still low at only $5.00 per. Believe it or not we’re selling almost as many of the later CDs as we are the $2.00 shows. Either way the caveat still applies; many of the weeks only have a few items left and once they're gone we won't be making any new ones for that week. So if there's a special Sherlock Holmes, Harry Nile or any of other series episodes you may have missed this would be the time to get them and for only two bucks.

Now to order all you have to do is go to on the web or call us on our toll free line 1-877-875-6453 Monday thru Friday if you are within U. S. borders or at 1-425-865-0458 if you're not. Have your Visa or MasterCard ready and we'll be happy to get your Imagination Theatre CDs out to right away. If you'd rather pay by check or money order simply mail them to Jim French Productions 16215 SE. Roanoke Pl. Bellevue, WA. 98006 along with a complete description of what discs you'd like.

Get that one particular show or start collecting a whole series. "Hurry while supplies last!"


Monday November 21st.

We’ll be recording our Christmas Harry Nile and Sherlock Holmes episodes, the scripts are still being finalized and we’re working to lock in on some special guests. The doors open at 7:00 pm with the show starting at 7:30, for tickets just call the Performance Center at 412-983-9900 or go online to That's Monday September 13th at the Kirkland Performance Center, 350 Kirkland Avenue in Kirkland Washington.


This from Randy H.

Any chance of doing The Sign of Four, The Second Stain, The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual, and The Red Headed League?

Yes, our hoped for goal is to be able to record the entire canon with John and Larry. Crossed fingers.

- - -

This from James S.

Is there anyway I can get the entire Dameron Show Series? I really enjoy those shows but cannot find them anywhere. If there were a way I can pay for the entire series I would be interested. I know that they are being released on the imagination theater radio series. If there is a way to "package" the shows I would be willing to pay for shipping a drive and the value of the episodes.

At the present we don't have any plans to release a Dameron CD collection. The reasons are simple. When Jim started the show back in the 70's he was basically relearning the art of writing for radio and he was forced to use non-actors for many of the supporting roles. Later as the scripts got stronger and the popularity of the show rose he was allowed to employ talented professionals in these roles. The episodes you've been hearing are all from that later period. Jim has over the years re-written many of the earlier shows as plays for other series characters. Example: The Dameron show called "The Siamese Cat Affair" has been redone as a Harry Nile show titled "Weekend in Heaven."

To cut to the chase, Jim does not want these earlier shows put up for sale because he doesn't feel the quality is up to our current standards. There is a Dameron log available at

- - -

This from Curtis S.

I just want to suggest possibly doing a version of the Giant Rat of Sumatra
story. I think your team would aptly do it justice! Thanks, and keep up the
awesome work.

There have been many, many pastiches done of the "Giant Rat" both on paper and on the air albeit; non-professionals have done most of those. Frankly we haven’t really given it any serious thought because that is one of those stories where Holmesians and Sherlockians all have their own idea of how the tale should go and no matter how good our version was it will never satisfy.

- - -

And finally:

This from C. A. M.

Could you please tell me the name of the violinist and the name of the piece
played for the Sherlock Holmes stories?  Carl Sp ........?

Her name is Coral Sepulveda. Coral plays the violin for most of the incidental music you hear on the Holmes show. The opening and closing theme is by Camille Saint-Saens (1835 – 1921) and is called "Danse Macabre." The version we use is by The Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Charles Dutoit.



A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley Mary Anne has been a professional actress on stage, television and radio since she was 17. Her career has taken her from appearances on Broadway, Television and regional theatre to our microphones, appearing for the last 13 years as the voice of Dr. Watson' beloved wife Mary. Recently we were proud to announce her casting as the new voice of "Murphy" in our long running Private Detective series "The Adventures of Harry Nile." However, she is more then just a fine actor. Mary Anne is a veteran of the National Speakers Association, Global Speakers Federation, a speaker, author, coach, award-winning radio host and cancer survivor. She is committed to being a positive influence in the lives, organizations and companies she touches through her speaking and writing. She has coached leaders in the business and the not-for-profit communities to help them both gain visibility and raise millions of dollars.

Mary Anne's 10 year commitment to making the world a better place through her company, My Real Voice, extends beyond working with professionals to further their bottom line. She knows that the most important speech many of us give is a toast at a wedding, a eulogy, or for a dinner with friends. Mary Anne delights in working on projects of all scales, helping everyday speeches become extraordinary ones. Her new book "Words To Thrive By - Powerful Stories Of Courage and Hope" is set for a January 2012 release. Her website is


Huge fan! I have had my XM Radio for over 9 years. I keep listening to all
the stories over and over and never get tired of them. My favorite episode
of all was the blind little girl pilot. I wish XM would play more of the
Imagination Theater and Kincaid. I just wanted to say I love your work. Wish
I could have seen a performance live. – R. Scott B.

Great choice for the NEW Murphy,,, Mary Ann is PERFECT,,, I cant wait to
here tonight’s new episode.... I’m your No. one HARRY NILE FAN!!!!! KEEP IT
UP... – C. Hinkle

Nice choice for the new Murphy. She has a voice that projects intelligence and a sense of humor to boot. – Stan C.

Please keep the "Holmes" coming. The new stories are a real treat. I am sure Sir Arthur would be pleased with your treatment of his creation. – Paul S.

Love everything you people produce!   I live near Detroit, Michigan and listen on Sirius Radio.    Please tell Mr. French that we need more WWII Harry Nile stories! – C. A. Morris

Desperation Island was very good.  Very good.  Thanks – Don. W.

Love the shows!!!   My 11 year-old daughter and I listen every Sunday night
on KPAM 860 in Portland.   Great memories and point of discussion for a
father and his daughter . . . . . thank you. – Gregory S.



Kirkland Performance Center
350 Kirkland Avenue
Kirkland WA


November 21st, Monday


Make your reservations now for a night of Mystery and Fun!.