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2014 Summer Solistice Edition

Volume 17 Issue 4

May your Solstice celebrations be filled
with love, peace and wonder. 

With blessings of Love, Isaac

"There is some kiss we want
with our whole lives,the touch
of Spirit on the body." - Rumi

"Finding Love"

by Isaac George
June 21st 2014
I am feeling Love’s touch upon my heart…a nudging, a longing, a call to follow without question or concern…what it is that I yearn for, dream about…ache for.  There is no cure…only bland prescriptions that offer temporary relief of the symptoms.  Love burns away all that is unlike itself…it is a hard teacher sometimes, demanding that the absolute best in our souls stands revealed and utterly alive. To be this alive will require much…will demand much.

Love will ask us to sacrifice knowledge in order to acquire wisdom. It will tease us and say “You can only know me if you let go of your arrogance, your preconceptions!”  If we are stubborn or afraid, Love, like an underground river, will erode away that resistance without our even being aware of it. One day, our faulty foundations will collapse into the torrent below, and we will fall into it, thinking at the time it may be the end of our hopes and aspirations…or even the end of our lives. Actually, it will be only the end of our false dreams and projections. 

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On the Airwaves!

You can listen free to three different interviews with Isaac from May 2014 that explore many facets of Life, love, and consciousness. Some of the topics discussed are dolphins, Tantra, kundalini, spiritual emergence/emergency, and much, much more. Just click on the links below to listen.

The Blether Report with Jackie Walker:
"Spiritual Emergence with Isaac George"

The Zone Show with Tom Evans:
"Isaac George : The Dolphin Boy"

Kitspirational Chats with Inspirational Souls International
Hosted by Kit Scott in Perth, Australia:
"Insights with Isaac George"

All online interviews may be accessed at here.


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