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July 15th, 2014

Volume 17 Issue 5


Change is in the air! 

Even though almost 3 months have elapsed since the Cardinal Grand Cross in April, the engine of change and new directions seems to only be accelerating. I'll be publishing my first astrology blog from in about three weeks time. It'll examine the current condtions, and preview the energies for August and September. I'll be posting a subscription link in the August edition of this newsletter, so you can sign up and read future articles.

Excited to announce that the main website,, has undergone extensive improvements. To view, click here.

This month's article, "Finding Love Part 2 - The Purpose of Attraction" continues to explore the nature of human relationships and the heart. The third and final installment will appear early next month. Hope you enjoy it.

Blessings and peace,


"The Purpose of Attraction"
Finding Love, Part 2

by Isaac George
July 14th, 2014

“On the Path of Love we are neither masters nor the owners of our lives. We are only a brush in the hand of the Master Painter. – Anonymous

What is the purpose of attraction? Why do we feel attraction for one human being and not another?

What causes the instantaneous attraction in human relationships is a bit complicated to describe. The metaphysician Julius Evola wrote in his treatise “Eros and the Mysteries of Love: The Metaphysics of Sex” that ultimately, “all attraction begins at the level of the Soul.”

"Is It All in my Head?"

Other components within the human psyche may or may not also figure in. Whether these influences are from genetic memory, past lives, other parts of our subconscious...

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Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring Sessions with Isaac

Specializing in spiritual emergence(y), kundalini awakenings, plus mentoring for specific personal issues such as spirituality/sexuality, relationships, finding your role in life, freedom from limiting beliefs and conditioning, resolving family issues, and connection with and living from your own Soul's impulses.

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Astrological Counseling Sessions with Isaac


My main offering are Soulful Astrology readings, which are based on the understanding that when you are born, it is your Soul that is determining the time and place of your entrance into this plane of experience. As your physical body leaves the birth canal and is exposed to the atmosphere on this Planet, it is also automatically imprinted with the electromagnetic radio wave frequencies of all the planets in our Solar System, along with the stars, minor planets and asteroids in the Constellations that we know as our Zodiac. This imprinting activates the patterns that are within your DNA, both unique and inherited, and also within your Subtle energy bodies.

I also offer basic Birth Chart readings, Synastry readings for couples, and Transit Readings, which give you an overview of current trends and issues you face.

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