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May 2014

Volume 17, Issue 2

So much's been happening since late March and all through April, that I've actually lost track of a few things that I was supposed to have shared in last month's news flash, but dropped through the cracks. One of them was my interview by Jackie Walker on The Blether Report on Natural Health, a syndicated online radio program. Our subject was "Spiritual Emergency".

In the same wonderful vein, I also was just interviewed by the fabulous Tom Evans on "The Zone Show", which also is syndicated on Natural Health and other sites. Our primary subject was astrology, and a whole smorgasbord of related topics on consciousness, Earth wisdom, kundalini and spiritual emergency, the Tarot, and much, much more.

You can listen to both of these high quality podcasts just by clicking here.
May Article

Dreaming it Up
By Isaac George

“Once, in a spasm of sappiness, you asked Q-Jo if she thought your dreams would ever come true. 'You aren't talking about dreams,' she corrected you, 'you're referring to your pathetic bourgeoisie ambitions. Dreams don't come true. Dreams are true.” ― Tom Robbins, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

Now that we are well past the exact point of the Cardinal Grand Cross of last month, many of you may be wondering where all the big changes are that were more or less prophesied in the run up to the event on April 23rd, 2014.

Trying to discern where and when the other shoe may drop is not going to be possible…mainly due to the presence of Uranus, the “Mr. Surprise” of these times.

Sometimes, I like to think Uranus would be more aptly named “Mr. Shock”, as it is the archetype for electricity and kundalini fire. Uranus’ other role is that it is the bringer of divine visions, shamanic insights, chaotic dreams. While Neptune’s continues to deepen its dream-like radiance in the human psyche via its transit in the sign of it rules (Pisces), this, then, may be the perfect opportunity to talk about imagination and dreams. 

Against the backdrop of Neptune, Uranus, and the continuing reverberations from the Grand Cross, are the transits of Mars Retrograde in Libra and Venus’ recent entrance into the sign Mars rules – Aries. Mars and Venus are in mutual reception, as Venus naturally rules Libra, and Mars naturally rules Aries. They’ve flip-flopped, and are now walking a mile in each other’s shoes.   Read more

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Kundalini Reiki
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According to ancient Eastern wisdom, the serpent power Kundalini is coiled in the root chakra and when awakened, rises up the spine to the head. When people experience the purifying power of Kundalini rising, they become heart centered and evolve. Using this force intentionally enhances individuals and entire cultures. The time is now for us to grow by initiating ourselves and awakening our Kundalini consciously.

Kundalini Reiki is extraordinarily simple. You do not have to already be a Reiki practitioner or energy healer to be attuned to all three levels of Kundalini Reiki.

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