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To the Professors and Teachers of Courses
in Indigenous/Xicanx/Latinx Studies:
As you're deciding on new textbooks for your upcoming semesters and courses in Chicanx/Mexican American Studies, including Chicanx Literature, History, and Communications, please consider some of the award-winning books from Aztlan Libre Press. Above you see the covers of some of our books that have been adopted in courses across the country. The Canción Cannibal Cabaret & Other Songs (2019) by Amalia Ortiz won the 2020 American Book Award in Oral Literature from the Before Columbus Foundation. Our latest publication, Writing 50 Years (más o menos) Amongst the Gringos (2021) by Dr. Cintli, is designed specifically for college/university and high school students. Click on the covers above for more info on these books and check out our complete
13-book catalogue on our website at
Classes receive a 30% discount.

For a courtesy review or desk copy, to inquire about interviews with the
authors, or to schedule a reading/presentation/book signing, contact: or 210.710.8537.

Purchase Aztlan Libre Press publications on our website at and with our distributor at

for your support of Indigenous/Xicanx/Latinx
authors, artists, and independent presses. 
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