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Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Code Podcast 3: Concurrency - Event Loop & Coroutines
This episode discusses async event loops and coroutines in Python 3.

Building a (semi) Autonomous Drone with Python
This post shows you how you can use Python and node.js to build a drone that moves all by itself.

Social Media Data Mining with Raspberry Pi
A series for absolute beginnners who would like to learn how to mine and analyze social media data using Raspberry Pi. 

Podcast.__init__ Episode 53 - StackStorm2 with Toma? Muraus and Patrick Hoolboom
If you are responsible for managing any amount of servers, then you know that automation is critical for maintaining your sanity. This week we spoke with Toma? Muraus and Patrick Hoolboom about their work on StackStorm, which is a platform for tracking and reacting to events in your infrastructure. By allowing you to register actions with event triggers it frees you from having to worry about a whole class of concerns so that you can focus on building new capabilities rather than babysitting what you already have

Scrapy Tips from the Pros: April 2016 Edition
This post shows how to use Scrapy to crawl web pages based on ASP.Net. Such pages are a known issue for web scrapers, mostly due to the way ASP.Net handles requests and postbacks.

High Performance Hadoop with Anaconda and Dask on Your Cluster
In this post, we'll show you how you can use Anaconda with Dask for distributed computations and workflows, including distributed dataframes, arrays, text processing, and custom parallel workflows that can help you make the most of Anaconda and Dask on your cluster. We'll work with Anaconda and Dask interactively from the Jupyter Notebook while the heavy computations are running on the cluster.

How to Deploy an IPython Cluster Using Mesos and Docker
In this post I will give a quick introduction to the ipyparallel project and then introduce a new launcher we have open sourced to deploy IPython clusters into Mesos clusters.

Episode #54: Enterprise Software with Python

6 Lesser Known Python Data Analysis Libraries

How I defeated an anti-tamper APK with some Python and a homemade Smali emulator

Building Read It Later App with Python Newspaper Library

Building a Regex Search Engine for DNA
Decode "tele-software" from a 1984 TV programme.

Python Jobs of the Week

Games Server Programmer at Kwalee
As our Games Server Programmer, we need you to deliver high quality, innovative and extremely fun mobile games. You will contribute to the design and architecture of our servers and implement server features to robustly support millions of mobile games players. The systems you create will perform excellently and reliably, whilst being secure and scalable. Your code will need to be demonstrably of the highest quality.

Software Engineer at Sempre Health
As the second engineer at Sempre Health, the code you write will directly impact the health of patients across the country. You will collaborate with the founders on product direction & broaden your technical skills working with an experienced CTO. You should bring a strong sense of ownership & pride to the services you deliver. You find the right balance between building for today & building for tomorrow. You are up to the challenge of reconciling & refining disparate healthcare datasets to drive our pricing algorithms & patient communication. You keep a keen eye on performance, scalability, reliability & security. As a technical leader & early hire, you will play a big part in choosing what technologies we use going forward.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

BetaGo lets you run your own Go engine. It downloads Go games for you, preprocesses them, trains a model on data, for instance a neural network using keras, and serves the trained model to an HTML front end, which you can use to play against your own Go bot.

A fork of "Minecraft in 500 lines of python" intended to be used as a real engine, instead of as a learning example.

Cloud Custodian is a rules engine for AWS resource management. It allows users to define policies to be enforced to enable a well managed cloud, with metrics and structured outputs. It consolidates many of the adhoc scripts organizations have into a lightweight and flexible tool.

coala is a simple COde AnaLysis Application. Its goal is to make static code analysis easy while remaining completely modular and therefore extendable and language independent. 
A python 2.7 application that plots serial data in real time. Used with embedded systems. Uses matplotlib and pyserial.

Jaspy is a Python VM written entirely from scratch in JavaScript with some unique features. Jaspy supports multiple threads, comes with an integrated debugger which offers remote debugging and provides a flexible preprocessor based architecture. Speed is explicitly not a main goal of this project. Jaspy aims to illustrate how web programming on the client side could be done by exploring new ways.

Interactive code profiling widget for IPython + Jupyter Notebook.

A collection of design patterns/idioms/snippets for Sublime Text.

Teach You A Binary Exploitation For Great Good.

Take a picture of a Sudoku and have SnapSudoku solve it for you!

A directory of Python books.

Stashpy aims to be a slimmed-down Python 3 replacement for Logstash, a log aggregator. Stashpy accepts connections on a TCP port, parses messages passed to it over this connection, and indexes them on an ElasticSearch cluster.

A Hackable, Weight Tracking, Text Messaging Scale with a Sense of Humor.

New Releases

PyPy 5.1
This release includes more improvement to warmup time and memory requirements, extending the work done on PyPy 5.0. We have seen an additional reduction of about 20% in memory requirements, and up to 30% warmup time improvement, more detail in the blog post. We also now have full support for the IBM s390x. Since this support is in RPython, any dynamic language written using RPython, like PyPy, will automagically be supported on that architecture. We updated cffi to 1.6 (cffi 1.6 itself will be released shortly), and continue to improve support for the wider python ecosystem using the PyPy interpreter.

IPython 4.2
Hot on the heels of a notebook release, we've just made a minor release of IPython. If you have been bothered by the delay when you accidentally type ipython notebook, that's gone, and we've fixed the regression introduced in 4.1 where ipython -i didn't work if an exception was raised.

Jupyter Notebook 4.2

Upcoming Events and Webinars

Live Chat: Packing & Unpacking Operators
Ever wondered about all the things you can do with * and ** in Python? There's a lot of uses for these prefix operators and I bet you don't know them all! Python's packing and unpacking operators have been getting more flexible. Let's talk what could do with them in Python 2, what Python 3 supports, and what cool new features Python 3.5 added. We'll talk about merging dictionaries, how calling functions with * and ** has changed in recent versions of Python, and how these operators have changed since Python 2.

Do's and don'ts of data visualization, demonstrated in Python - Philadelphia­, PA
Data visualization is a vitally important skill for anyone who works with data, but in practice it can be fraught with pitfalls that can make the difference between a great visualization and a junk chart. In this talk, Randy will discuss numerous good practices and pitfalls in data visualization, and offer actionable advice that will improve your future visualization work. He will demonstrate these tips through a series of visualizations coded in matplotlib, Python's open source data visualization library.

San Francisco Django Meetup April 2016 - San Francisco, CA
There will be following talks

  • Behind Closed Doors: Managing Passwords in a Dangerous World
  • A road to competence and contributing in the Django ecosystem: easing the intermediate slough

San Diego Python Meetup April 2016 - San Diego, CA
There will be following talks

  • Interesting iPython Notebooks
  • Python 3D scientific visualization libraries and tools 
  • Python and the Robot Operating System (ROS) 
  • Python's answer to R/Shiny
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to Python 

SoCal Python Meetup April 2016 - Los Angeles, CA
There will be following talks

  • Functional programming and Django Querysets
  • Swagger integration with Python

Python Web Dev Night #25 - Minneapolis, MN

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