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Hello from Kathmandu!

The sun came out today so we declare monsoon over! May other kinds of rain keep coming though, its so lovely and green here in Nepal now. Plus it's water that keeps the lights on. In this mini-newsletter:
  • The previous newsletter, in case you missed it.
  • Annapurna 100 route map!
  • Manaslu Circuit Trek route!
  • Register soon!

Monsoon newsletter

Just in case you were not on the list of our last TRN newsletter, you can view it online here. We added a few new people to the list since last time so this is for you.
We don't send many emails, but if you don't want to get any more Trail Running Nepal emails, the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of the page.

Annapurna 2012 Route(s) Map

In 2011, we told everybody the route verbally the day before the race and it took about 30 minutes. With the excitement of the start, and perhaps the shaking of the brain that comes with running, some people forgot the route lecture. This year we have become highly professional and have had lines drawn on a map. So now the runners just have to memorise that - you have more than three months! Good luck!
Route map preview
Actually everyone will receive a copy of a map courtesy of Pawan and team at the Himalayan Map House in Kathmandu, though you'll have to add the lines yourself - printing a fresh map would be very expensive so bring a pen! There will of course be good route markings a long the way too!

Still not registered?

Lots of people keep mentioning friends and extended family that plan to run the race too. We like hearing this! But how many of you are there!? Why not just fill your details in on our registration form. It is not 100% binding, but gives us an idea how many people to expect so we can make the necessary perfectly-sized plans. And, given that we have more people already than last year, it might be necessary to reserve your place! Maybe!

Manaslu Circuit

Obvioulsy a lot of Train Running Nepal's work (work?) is to do with the Annapurna 100 race, promoting this and other races in Nepal, and trying to get more people to think of trail-running as a sport. If we had more time though, we'd probably immediately switch off the phone and head out into Nepal's mountains with a light pack and walk, jog, run as far as possible. Recently we learned about the Manaslu Circuit Trek becoming a tea-house trek. It's long been open for trekkers, for 20 years in fact, but you always needed a tent. Now there are just enough lodges (though some still basic) to travel light - which is perfect for trail-runners.  A new website shows where the lodges are, has a route map, and some great pictures from the area so you can explore for yourself.  As roads eat into the remains of the legendary Annapurna Circuit, the Manaslu Trek is now a great alternative for the adventurous.
View from Syala
Breathtaking photo courtesy of photographer Jerome Gublin. See more of his pictures here.

Lizzy Hawker

Lizzy Hawker, the well-known (but perhaps not as well known as she should be) runner is coming to Kathmandu on 5th October to spend quite a number of days running across the country from East to West along the route of the Great Himalaya Trail. It's no walk in the park, far from it. But if anyone is can do it, she can do it. She recently won the UTMB and is this weekend competing in a 24 hour race around a 1km track somewhere in the UK. In Nepal, she's teamed up with Thamserku Expeditions, one of Nepal's biggest operators, to manage the logistics of travel and supply drops, and give technical support with getting over the famous 6000m+ three-cols and fearsome Tashi Labsta passes. It's going to be tough, but we wish her the best of luck!

Everest Sky Race

This was in the last newsletter already - leaving it in because the picture is so nice!

28 Oct - 14 Nov 2011: This will be an incredible run through Nepal's most dramatic mountain scenery and over one of the toughest glaciated alpine passes. The race comprises nine stages totalling 200km with 11,000 m ascent and 7,000 m down. The route climbs over the Tashi Labsta, the Cho La, Renjo La, takes in the view from Kala Patar and finally ends up below the beautiful Ama Dablam at its basecamp.

It's like a month of the best trekking in Nepal compressed into two weeks. There are just a couple of places left open for this tough challenge. All-in cost is approximately 3,000 Euro including flight from Europe and an ex-Kathmandu price may be fixed. Send an email to now if you would like to know more.
Everest sky race picture


  Goodbye and have a 
 really nice weekend!! 

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