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Hello again!

This is the third pre-race newsletter. If you missed the previous newsletter or site updates please review those now! Key point: people booking hotels note that the night of January 1st, you will stay in Birentanti included in the race fee, so you do not need to book a room in Pokhara for this night. 


This is the schedule we will be keeping to if all goes to plan.

Saturday 31st December

(Sleeping in Pokhara)

Sunday 1st January

(Sleeping in Birethanti. Included in race fee, no hotel booking needed in Pokhara this night)
  • 5.30am: Race start, Barahi Hotel, Pokhara (Lakeside). Walkers take bus shortly after start.
  • 12pm – 12am: Arrive at finish in Birethanti. Find your room, wash, eat as much as you can and support other finishers as much as you can.

Monday 2nd January  

(Sleeping again in Pokhara, Kathmandu or ... up to you!)
  • Pre 9am: Breakfast
  • 9am: Bus leaves to return to Pokhara
  • 11pm: Prize giving at Barahi Hotel
  • 12:30pm: Lunch and close of event...

What do you need to take to Birenthanti?

All race distances finish in Birentanti - including the walkers. Here you will spend the night (though most Nepali runners will choose to return home). We stay in trekking lodges in the village. The accommodation is simple, but it means that a) everybody stays together that finish which should be a very nice atmosphere, and especially for late finishers who will enjoy support b) we postpone the bus ride to Pokhara for daylight which means better views.

For spending the night:

  • Warm clothes (for supporting late finishers) - a good warm hat is a must
  • Sleeping bag - after such a race, you can feel cold, though blankets will be of course available
  • Towel, soap, wash kit etc.
  • Sandals or flip flops for shower - can be bought cheaply in Pokhara
  • Ear plugs - if you are a light sleeper, your neighbour might sound like a tiger
  • Torch or headlamp (which runners should have anyway)
  • ...
NB: Remember Pokhara has hundreds of small trekking shops where you can buy low cost gloves, hats, fleeces, sandals, down jackets of reasonable quality. In Kathmandu, all the big branded outdoor companies (North Face, Salewa, Mammut, Mountain Hardwear, Sherpa Adventure Gear etc.) has stores, as well as lesser known brands from Korea, and the unbranded and famous 'fakes'. You can also cheaply rent warm jackets or sleeping bags.

Transport of luggage

We'll give you an additional race number to put on the bag that you want send to Birethanti. Put everything that you need in Birethanti in one bag with that number on it and leave it with us at the start. You can find it easily then as soon as you finish your race.

100 km runners

If you have any food or drinks you want to keep handy at the 85km point (Birethanti), we'll give you an additional small bag with your number which you will find on a table as you pass through Birethanti.

SIM card for Nepal?

It's quite easy to get a SIM card for your phone so you can send and receive SMSs and make calls. By far the easiest company to deal with is NCELL. There are quite a lot of dedicated NCELL stores around but plenty of other places you can buy like here in Thamel. You'll need a passport photo (perhaps 2x), your passport (so they can make a photocopy), and the current cost of the SIM which is less that Rs. 500 (~ 5 euro).

Visa for Nepal?

It is easy to fill the form in at the airport. Visa fees are $25/15 days, $40/30days and $100/90 days. Fees can be paid in other convertible currencies too (€,£ etc), but not credit card - cash only. Euro costs are €20, €35, €85. You need 1 x passport photo. Make sure you have a pen with you to fill the form. 

Taxi from the airport

Fuel prices, the cost of living, the general mood of the taxi driver and your innocent looks can all push the price of the taxi up way beyond what it should be. Normally for the tiny Shiv Maruti taxis it is Rs. 260-300 but you will have to be tough to get this. Double it for something more spacious. Those staying at the Summit can organise a pick up which makes this very easy.

Exchange rate is currently:
EUR 1 = NRS 112.22, GBP 1 = NRS 131.38,  USD 1 = NRS 84.30 and it is very easy to use cards in ATM machines. Though many of them charge for the service and limit a withdrawal to Rs.10,000. Best place to withdraw is from Standard Chartered bank.

Any questions - please hit reply and ask us!

More information soon....

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