We're sending you this about the Annapurna 100 race as you have registered to compete!
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Hello and Namaste Annapurna 100 runner! Here is a short email with a few questions and some logistical information. Please read carefully. Any questions, please hit reply and send us an email.

You have registered…are you really coming?

We have received already 115 registrations and know that most of you are really coming. But for some joining us on the 1st of January 2012 may turn out impossible because of some unforeseen issue, an injury, a family or work related matter, or whatever. We would really, REALLY, appreciate you letting us know if that is the case! If you cannot make it to Pokhara, PLEASE let us know!

The logistics of your visit to Nepal

A distinguishing characteristic of the Annapurna100 is that we are a race, not a package deal, like nearly all other Nepal running events.  Sure, we look after you from the start of the race in Pokhara at 5:30AM on the 1st of January, until your return to Pokhara and the award ceremony late morning on the 2nd of January.  So, Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) entrance fee and the Trekking Information Management System (TIMS) fee, food & drink during the race, your dinner, a bed and breakfast in finishing village Birethanti, and the transport back to Pokhara are all part of the race, covered by the race entrance fee. But you have to look after yourself in Kathmandu and Pokhara and get yourself from one to the other city by yourself.
The Annapurna100 is only one month into the future so,  if you haven’t taken care of your logistics beyond booking a ticket to Kathmandu, it’s time to take action!

Sleeping in Kathmandu

No hotel yet? You may consider The Summit Hotel:
The Summit is a sponsor of the Annapurna100, provides a discount for those coming for the race and is the departing place for the Bus to Pokhara on the early morning of 31 December (see below).

Sleeping in Pokhara

No hotel yet? You may consider the Guest House of Three Sisters, an organization that we partner with to stimulate Nepali women to run trails:

Getting from Kathmandu to Pokhara

We organize a bus leaving Kathmandu at 6AM on the 31st morning from the Summit Hotel.
The cost is NPR 800/one-way. This option is for those arriving very close to race day in Kathmandu or those not interested to spend any pre-race time in Pokhara. The bus has to be pre-booked. Some of you have let us know already that you want to make use of this option. Those who haven’t told us yet: please pre-register (no seat without registration!) here:  Bus registration form.
Plenty of other options to get to Pokhara during before the 31st, busses, flights. …best to contact a travel agent to arrange for you.

Travel agents to help you out

Some of you will have booked all of your logistics already through a travel agent in your country of residence. So no worries.  If you’ve only got a ticket and need help with the rest we can recommend Pan Himalayan Travels, because they’re close to us and e.g. arrange the transport on the 31st already. Contact Shivraj Thapa for any queries you may have:
For Japanese runners looking for a Japanese speaking agent we recommend


Some of you bring supporters along. For supporters that want to spend the 1st of January in an active way we organize walks:
Most supporters will want to join their runner in the finishing village Birethanti and also overnight there.
For all those who want to overnight in Birethanti and/or want to join the supporters walk, we would need to know in advance of your plans and you have to register as a participant of the race so as to get a race (bib) number  and be allowed into the ACAP area. If you want to bring children on the walk: please let us know so that we can discuss the need for additional support .
The race fee for walkers is 45 euros, including transport to the start of the walk, guide support, and the meals and bed in Birethanti .
The race fee for supporters who do not join the walk but want to stay with their runner in Birethanti is 35 euro, including transport to/from  Pokhara , and the meals and bed in Birethanti.


If you have questions, hit reply now! We'll give you an answer as soon as we can and then we'll try to compile the answers to your general race questions into a new mail in a week or so.

Hope your training is going well. Bye for now!
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