Parents@Work News Alert: New study reveals advantages of maternity coaching for women and employers

New Study Reveals Advantages of Maternity Coaching for Women and Employers

Could maternity coaching modernise Australian workplaces and reduce those shocking 1 in 2 discrimination statistics? 

17th April 2014. Parents@Work – A recent study into the impact of maternity coaching revealed five key elements that positively impact on professional women and their maternity leave/return to work experience. 
The interview-based research was lead by University of Wollongong student Jennifer North with a two-fold purpose. The first, to get a woman’s perspective on the benefits of maternity coaching; the second, to provide recommendations that employers can use to improve the ‘transformative experience’ and retention rates of women throughout their maternity leave and return to work transition.
To complete the study North interviewed experienced, professional women from various private sector organisations in order to represent various return-to-work experiences.
The results (see full P@W article) clearly highlighted why maternity coaching could modernise business culture in Australia. It showed that when women feel supported during one of the most challenging transitional periods of their career they feel valued, are more likely to stay with their employer and are more productive on their return.

Jennifer North, comments: “This study clearly demonstrated that the first step of ensuring women return to work after maternity leave was achieved with maternity coaching having a positive impact on many of the return-to-work transition issues.”

If there was any doubt that this transitional period is challenging (and whether women really need extra support during the maternity leave transition) we need only turn to this year’s Australian Human Rights Commission nation-wide inquiry, titled Supporting Working Parents: Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review. It found that 1 in 2 Australian women experience discrimination during their pregnancy and/or return to work with “84% of mothers reporting significant negative impacts related to mental health, physical health, career and job opportunities, financial stability and their families”.[1]  These sobering statistics support the growing evidence that maternity coaching is, for at least the women in this study, a crucial element to ensuring women avoid being victimised by tapping in to the support on offer – be that in the workplace, at home or a woman’s own reserves. 
The Results

For the full study which includes why professional women want maternity coaching and leading practice tips for how organisations can utilise it to help mums return to work read the full Parents@Work article: New study reveals the advantages of maternity coaching for women and employers. [2]


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[1] Workplace Gender Equality Agency, The price of parenthood: discrimination at work, viewed 12.9.14,
[2] Jennifer North (2014) What elements of maternity coaching, from the perspective of the coachee, impact the return-to-work transitions of experienced, professional women? Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong. 

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