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Being the Modern Dad
Keeping your relationships alive as you raise your family & manage a busy career

Wednesday 26th July 2017, 1-2pm
This month for Working Dad’s Connect we focus on being a modern working dad who has a major role in the caring responsibilities in raising his children.
The fact is being a parent in 2017 is not always easy. Life is not always perfect and there are ups and down along the parenting journey which doesn’t always leave you feeling in your prime. From managing childcare drop offs to relationship issues, workplace stigma and career pressures – there’s a lot to juggle for the modern working dad.
We will interview father of four and founder of Better Dads Alex Laguna about being a modern conscientious dad. Alex has interviewed dads in an array circumstances and has rich insight on what dads today are working with in the workplace as well as on the home front.
Alex will be joined by Samuel Eddy, an executive coach who works with fathers and their families to support them overcome professional or personal challenges.
Some areas we will explore with Alex and Sam include:
  • The reality of being a modern working dad - balancing a successful career with family responsibilities
  • Building stronger relationships with your kids and partner whilst juggling a demanding job
  • Coping when relationships breakdown and you find yourself a single dad
  • The challenges and opportunities as a father when you separate from your partner – how to do ‘shared care’
  • Broaching tricky subjects with your partner or ex-partner around raising your kids together
  • Making time for your ‘mates’ and other important things in your life


Register via the below enrol link and you will be sent the link and dial in details of the webinar. On the webinar itself you will be able to interact with the parenting educator and special guest to ask questions via the chat box. You can dial in to the webinar online or by phone so it's easy to participate from home.

As Working Dads Connect occurs bi-monthly with a new guest and topic each webinar we invite you to join us on a regular basis if you feel to. 
Enrol Now for 26 July 2017
About your facilitators
About Alex Laguna
Alex is the founder of Better Dads – a community of dads sharing their experiences about how being a father is for them. Real dads, telling real stories from all sorts of backgrounds and circumstances. There are happily married dads, single dads, dads going through a divorce, new dads and dads who find it difficult to find time to spend with their kids for a variety of reasons. Alex is a busy working dad with four children himself. He has worked in the film and television industry for many years and is in the process of becoming a counselor to support the work he does with Better Dads.
About Samuel Eddy
Samuel has a Master of Science, Psychology from the University of East London and trained as a counselor with No Panic, an NHS funded organisation in the UK. As a former Chief Marketing Officer, Samuel has led and coached high performing teams and working professionals. Using both his corporate experience, commercial understanding and skills in counseling and psychology, Samuel trains organisations and helps working professionals improve the health and wellbeing of employees and the overall business culture.
About Working Dad's Connect
Parents At Work have started the Working Dads Connect bi-monthly forum as an online style ‘men’s shed’. Each month we will have an experienced career and parenting coach hosting the webinar along with a special guest who will share their experience of leading a successful career whilst at the same time working to achieve balance with quality family time. Participants who join the call will have a chance to share their story or ask question or they can simply dial in on listen only mode.


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