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June 2011 / #4

CIE Newsletter

Highlights of the 27th CIE Session
The international lighting world is going to meet in Sun City/South Africa from July 10th to July 15th at the unique opportunity of a CIE Session. Each four years it brings members, stakeholders and all those who have an interest in lighting together to review progress, exchange information and to elaborate new working and research programmes of the Commission. During the mornings you will participate in a truly international, high-quality scientific conference while in the afternoons the meetings of the CIE Divisions and Technical Committees transform these findings into CIE’s future strategy. CIE 2011 will thus feature the latest achievements in the science and technology of light and lighting and we would like to give you a flavour of what the programme of the 27th CIE Session will be about: 
Invited Speakers, such as Liisa Halonen (FI) on “The CIE Recommended System for Mesopic Photometry” or Rainer Neumann (DE) On “LED Headlamps in Automotive Lighting” as well as the Presented Papers cover the whole scope of the CIE’s mission. 
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Kicking-Off the CIE Training Programme

On November 23rd, 2011 the first in a series of training units will take place in the CIE Central Bureau in Vienna. 

The Training Programme shall transfer and implement the knowledge contained in CIE Publications/Standards to the stakeholders of the Commission and other interested parties. 
Reaching out to you
CIE will provide trainings, workshops and seminars on lighting fundamentals as well as will complement each newly published Standard and Technical Report with a training unit. You can participate in these trainings either in “real life” in the Central Bureau in Vienna or wherever you are during the seminar by using our life streaming facility and our online training tool. If you do not find the time to participate via one of these facilities you can later download the recorded and edited contents from our online platform. 
The first seminar will take place on November 23rd, 2011 between 09:00am and 05:00pm in Vienna and will be chaired by Prof. Dr. Janos Schanda. 

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CIE Supportive Members presenting themselves:

HAAS-3000 High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer

EVERFINE is a professional manufacturer of measuring instruments for light & lighting. In recent years, EVERFINE mainly focuses on the scientific research and technical development for LED & Solid State Lighting(SSL) measurement.
Due to its milliseconds measurement speed and high accuracy & reproducibility, High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer (HAAS) is playing more and more important roles in the measurement of spectral, photometric and colorimetric quantities. It is especially suitable for LEDs, because it not only measures the LEDs powered by stable DC or AC, but also can work synchronously with the supply to realize pulse mode measurement.
As an excellent one, HAAS-3000 High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer from EVERFINE is a high-performance instrument, especially on the two key specifications: stray light level and linearity. 

Call for Experts for new Technical Committees

TC 2-70 Titel: Standards for Measurement of Reflectance and Transmittance Properties of Materials

ToR: To draft three new CIE standards that describe the minimum requirements for any instrument intended to measure the optical properties of planar, uniform, homogeneous (or nearly so) materials, The standards will define the geometric and spectral requirements, the processes for calibration or standardization of the scales and the required level of uncertainty for the measurement of spectral diffuse reflectance and reflectance factor, spectral regular transmittance and spectral diffuse transmittance, and spectral regular reflectance
Chair: Danny Rich
TC 2-71 Titel: CIE Standard on test methods for LED Lamps, luminaires and modules 
ToR: To prepare a CIE standard on test methods for photometric and colorimetric performance of LED lamps, LED luminaires, and LED modules in cooperation with CEN TC169 WG7 and IEC TC34.
Chair: Yoshi Ohno
TC 3-52 Titel: Energy Performance of Buildings – Energy Requirements for Lighting
ToR: To develop a CIE standard based on the coming revision of the existing EN 15193 ""Energy performance of buildings – Energy requirements for lighting"" in line with the activities of ISO and CEN on the revision of all ISO/EN standards for the energy performance of buildings. EN 15193 was developed to establish conventions and procedures for the estimation of energy requirements of lighting in buildings, and gives a methodology for a numeric indicator of energy performance of buildings.
Chair: Dieter Schornick

Work in Progress
CIE Drafts Technical Report that have passed BA and Division ballot and will soon be published as CIE Technical Reports:
TC 2-43: Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Photometry 
TC 8-02 Methods for Evaluating Colour Differences in Images

CIE Technical Report that has passed BA and Division commenting stage:
TC 6-58: Recommendations on Minimum Levels of UV Exposure (Deadline 2011-05-28)

CIE Drafts Standard in NC voting stage:
DS 017.3:2011: ILV International Lighting Vocabulary(Deadline 2011-06-18)
DS 014-3.3:2011: Colorimetry - Part 3: CIE Tristimulus Values(Deadline 2011-06-15)

CIE Draft Technical Report in BA and Division ballot:
TC 1-37: CIE Supplementary System of Photometry (Deadline 2011-06-01)
CIE Draft Technical Report in BA and Division commenting stage:
TC 2-48: Spectral Responsivity Measurement of Detectors, Radiometers and Photometers (Deadline 2011-06-19)

For Your Diary
2011 July 10-15, Sun City, 
South Africa
27th CIE Session

2011 September 12-14, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Light Middle East
2011 September 27-29, Bregenz, Austria
LED Professional Symposium + Expo

2011 October 19-22, Madrid, Spain
Professional Lighting Design Convention 2011

2011 November  23, Vienna, 
Training "CIE Metrology of LEDs and LED modules"

2011 December 7-8, Lyon, 
Forum LED Europe
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