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December 2010 / #2

CIE Newsletter

CIE 2011 – Quadrennial Session in Sun City, South Africa

Dear Colleagues,

The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) is the original and the most respected International Lighting Organisation, dealing with all the different aspects of this subject. It is our tradition and obligation in terms of our Statutes to hold a Session of the Commission every four years, with a Midterm Meeting between two successive Sessions. The CIE Statutes read:

The activities of the Commission shall be organized in terms, these being the periods between two Sessions. The normal length of a term is four years and starts at the end of the Session.

The Statutes further state:

The General Assembly shall hold one or more meetings at a Session of the Commission, and one midterm meeting. Additional meetings may be called at the request of the Board of Administration or at the request of at least one tenth of the members.

The CIE General Assembly meets at CIE Sessions as well as at CIE Midterm Meetings, which can be interpreted as a two-year meeting cycle (apart from the fact that the General Assembly could be convened several times during a Session). The period between quadrennial CIE Sessions therefore defines a term in the activities of the CIE, including a term of office for the office bearers.

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The 2nd CIE Symposium on Appearance
When Appearance meets Lighting ...
8-10 September 2010

This Symposium was organised under the guidance of Peter Hanselaer and Frédéric Leloup and colleagues at the Catholic University College St.‐Lieven, in Gent, Belgium, and with the support of the Belgian National Committee of the CIE – the International Commission on Illumination.

The 1st CIE Expert Symposium on Appearance was held in Paris in 2006 and it was recognised at that meeting that an important group of people were missing from the attendees: lighting designers and practitioners. Thus, this 2nd Expert Symposium aimed to correct this omission and invite those active in CIE Division 3 Interior Environment and Lighting Design to participate. 78 abstracts were submitted and these were given as 36 presentations of 15 minutes each plus 42 posters, all in two and a half days! Over 135 delegates attended the event representing 22 countries.

To introduce the symposium Monica Billger from the Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden discussed issues to do with lighting quality in the real environment pointing out that there is no accepted definition of lighting quality, the quality of lighting usually being expressed in terms of specific luminance levels, or distributions, in the workplace, the home, etc. There followed six sessions, each chaired by an expert in the respective field: Colour Appearance (Ronnier Luo), Measurement and Instrumentation (Mike Pointer), Gloss and Texture (Françoise Viénot), Luminance and Glare (Terry McGowan), Luminance Based Design (Yoshiki Nakamura), and Lighting Comfort (Steve Fotios).

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Work in Progress
CIE Draft Technical Reports that have passed BA and Division Ballot and will soon be published:
• CIE Guide to Increasing Accessibility in Light and Lighting
• TC 2-43: Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Photometry 
• TC 1-27: Specification of Colour Appearance for Reflective Media and Self-Luminous Display Comparisons
• TC 4-26: Guide to Systems for the On Site Measurement of the Photometric Properties of Road and Tunnel Lighting
CIE Draft Standards that have passed BA and Division Ballot and NC Commenting Stage:
• DS 017.2:2009: ILV International Lighting Vocabulary
• DS 014-3.2:2010: Colorimetry - Part 3: CIE Tristimulus Values
CIE Draft Standard that is in NC voting stage:
• DS 021.3:2010: Vehicle Headlighting Systems - Photometric Performance - Method of Assessment (Deadline 2011-03-17)

For Your Diary 
2011 May 18-20, Bucharest, 
Romanian Lighting Convention
2011 July 10-15, Sun City, 
South Africa
27th CIE Session
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