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June 2012 / #12

CIE Newsletter

CIE Training Programme
Each new Technical Report and Standard of the CIE will be complemented by a Training Unit. You can join in either in real life or via our live streaming facility or download the recorded and edited version at later point at your convenience. The upcoming Training on CIE 203-2012: A Computerized Approach to Transmission and Absorption Characteristics of the Human Eye will take place on
Wednesday, September 5, 2012 between 09:00am and 04:00pm in Vienna at the CIE Central Bureau and will be chaired by Dr D Jack Lund.
Brief Outline:
  • Overview of the structure of the eye
  • Methods of measuring the spectral transmittance of the pre-retinal ocular media
  • Direct transmittance vs total transmittance of the pre-retinal ocular media
  • The data from which the spectral transmittance of the rhesus and young human eye are derived
  • A discussion of the tabulated data included in CIE 203-2012
  • The aging human eye and the changes in preretinal ocular media with age
  • The equations describing the optical density of the aging human eye as derived by van de Kraats and van Norren (2006)
  • Brief overview of the structure of the retina
  • Retinal absorbers and action spectra for light–induced retinal effects.
Registration will open as of July 1, 2012. Click here for participation in real-life or choose our live streaming facility which is readily available via this link.
Please, note: places are limited and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Registration for both, real-life and live streaming, is open till Monday, August 20, 2012.
Price: EUR 600,-- + 20% VAT. (On discounts for students and corporate packages for companies please contact the CIE Central Bureau at

Call for Experts

TC4-33 Discomfort Glare in Road Lighting
Terms of Reference:
To study the known mathematical description of the discomfort glare in road and vehicle lighting, its scaling and comparisons with field studies and to condense the outcome in a report that should result in methods for discomfort glare assessment.
Chair: Ron Gibbons

TC4-46 300 mm Roundel signals
Terms of Reference:
Develop a CIE Standard, for proposal to ISO, providing the colorimetric and photometric properties of 300 mm road traffic control roundel signals.
Chair: Carl Andersen

TC4-50 Road surface characterization for lighting applications
Terms of Reference:
To revise pub. CIE/PIARC TR 66 1984.
To publish a database as a reference of pavements currently used. If enough data available, then update the standards
Chairs: Giuseppe Rossi and Cyril Chain

TC4- 51 Optimization of road lighting
Terms of Reference:
Develop guidance on optimization of road lighting to balance the benefits and costs.
Primary issues include accident risk and energy consumption.
Chair: Carl Andersen

CIE 27th Session, Sun City/South Africa in "LICHT"
As follow-up of the “Olympics of Light and Lighting”, the CIE Session, a threepart article was published in the German journal “LICHT”. You can view it at DOWNLOADS/ Press+Reviews. (German only).

Work in Progress
CIE Draft Standards in NC commenting stage:
• TC 2-40 Characterizing the Performance of Illuminance and Luminance Meters (Deadline 2012-08-05)
TC 1-57 Colorimetry – Part 6: CIEDE2000 Colour-Difference Formula (Deadline 2012-09-30)

For Your Diary
2012 September 10-12, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
2012 September 15-18, Hangzhou, China
CIE Lecture on Photometry, Colorimetry, Metrology and Standards for SSL and LED Lightings

2012 September 19-21, Hangzhou, China
2012 September 22-26,  Hangzhou, China
CIE Division 2 and Related Technical Committee Meetings

2012 November 21-23, Oslo, Norway

Nordic Lighting Conference 2012 

2013 April 12-19, Paris, France
CIE Celebrating its 100th Anniversary, CIE 2013 Midterm Meeting
2013 September 17-19, Krakow, Poland
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