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September 2011 / #5

CIE Newsletter

CIE Training on the Metrology of LEDs and LED Modules
Registration now open!
On November 23rd, 2011 the first in a series of training units will take place in the CIE Central Bureau in Vienna. 
The Training Programme will transfer knowledge provided in CIE Publications/Standards to the stakeholders of the Commission and other interested parties. 
You can participate in these trainings either in “real life” in the Central Bureau in Vienna or wherever you are during the seminar by using our life streaming facility and our online training tool. 
If you do not find the time to participate, though, via one of these facilities you can later download the recorded and edited contents from our online platform (details will be provided in the next CIE Newsletter). 
The first seminar which will be on the Metrology of LEDs and LED Modules will take place on November 23rd, 2011 between 09:00am and 05:00pm in Vienna and will be chaired by Prof. Dr. Janos Schanda. 
Its Goal: Summarizing fundamental differences in the measurement of traditional light sources and LEDs as well as LED modules.
Its Target group: Anybody interested in solid state lighting, the photometry and colorimetry of solid state devices, especially LEDs and LED modules. 
Subjects to be covered are the following:
1.    Fundamental differences between LEDs, LED modules and LED lamps as well as traditional light sources
2.    The most basic terms used with LEDs and LED modules
3.    Photometry of LED devices (differences compared to traditional light sources):
       a.    Gonio-photometry
       b.    Integrating sphere photometry
       c.    Spectroradiometry 
4.    Colorimetry of LEDs and LED modules
       a.    Problems with the CIE 1931 Colorimetric System
       b.    CIE TC 1-36 based colorimetry and practical experience
5.    Colour rendering
       a.    CIE Publ 13.3 Colour Rendering Index
       b.    Possible updates: colour fidelity, colour preference.
6.    LEDs and non-visual effects
The lectures will be accompanied by demonstrations and hands-on experiments. To register for real-life participation click  this link, for the life streaming facility use that link. Please, note: places are limited and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. 
Price: EUR 800,-- + 20% VAT. (On discounts for students and corporate packages for companies please contact the CIE Central Bureau at

CB staff will be delighted to provide you with any further details, particularly on upcoming further workshops, trainings and tutorials. Our recommendation: By subscribing to this newsletter you ensure that you will not miss any topic of interest to you (e.g. the upcoming Mesopic Photometry Tutorial and Expert Symposium, January 24th-26th, 2012).

Call for Experts for new Technical Committees

TC 1-83 Titel: Visual Aspects of Time-Modulated Lighting Systems
ToR: 1. To investigate and report on current research on the perception of visual artifacts of temporally modulated lighting systems, including flicker, the stroboscopic effect, ghosting, and digital artifacts.
2. Design methodology and gather data on the visibility of temporal artifacts.
3. Build a model for the visibility of temporal artifacts and their dependence on environmental, demographical and lighting parameters.
Chair: Dragan Sekulovski,

TC 1-84 Titel: Definition of Visual Field for Conspicuity
ToR: To define and classify functional visual fields for universal tasks and develop guidelines for the layout of visual information to increase the visibility of visual signs, displays and markings.
Chair: Nana Itoh,

TC 1-85 Titel: Update CIE Publication 15:2004 Colorimetry
ToR: To update CIE Publication 15:2004 taking into consideration the current CIE/ISO standards on colorimetry and the work of TC1-36 Fundamental Chromaticity Diagram with Physiologically Significant Axes
Chair: Janos Schanda,

TC 1-86 Models of Colour Emotion and Harmony
ToR: To recommend models of colour emotion and harmony based on existing psychophysical data obtained by different research groups or networks for applications in the colour design area.
Chair: Li Chen Ou,

TC 1-87 New Aspects of Colour Rendering
ToR: To investigate available methods for assessing the colour rendering capabilities of all types of white light source with a view to possibly recommending a new assessment index or indices
Chair: Mike Pointer,

TC 2-72 The Evaluation of Uncertainties in Measurement of the Optical Properties of Solid State Lighting Devices, Including Coloured LEDs.
ToR: To expand the supplements to CIE 198-2011 to include further principles and examples for evaluation of the uncertainties associated with the measurement and testing of LEDs and other solid state lighting devices. Examples include distribution photometry, spectral measurement and derived quantities, goniospectroradiometry and other priority measurements as advised by industry.
Chair: Georg Sauter,

TC 2-73 Measurement of Quantities Relating to Photobiological Safety of Lighting Products
ToR: To prepare a technical report for the measurement of optical radiation related to photobiological safety of lighting products, focusing on LED products.
Chair: Tongsheng Mou,

TC 2-74 Goniospectroradiometry of Optical Radiation Sources
ToR: To prepare a technical report on goniospectroradiometry to summarize measurement principles for evaluating radiometric, photometric and colorimetric quantities and related traceability.
Chair: Jiangen Pan,

TC 2-75 Photometry of Curved and Flexible OLED and LED Sources
ToR: To prepare a CIE recommendation on methods for characterization of the photometric and colorimetric quantities of curved and flexible sources especially for OLED and LED including traceability.
Chair: Hsueh-Ling Yu,

TC 2-76 Characterization of AC-Driven LED Products for SSL Applications
ToR: To prepare a technical report on the measurement of characteristic quantities of AC driven LED products, including operational conditions, and photometric quantities focused on those influenced by the effect of flicker.
Chair: Pei Ting Chou,
New Publications
CIE 198-SP1:2011 Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Photometry - Supplement 1: Modules and Examples for the Determination of Measurement Uncertainties  (Links to an Excel workbook and a Mathematica program for the detailed examples explained in Part 2 of the Supplement are made available in connection with the Supplement)
Recently Published

Work in Progress
CIE Draft Technical Reports that have passed BA and Division ballot and will soon be published as CIE Technical Reports:
TC 8-02 Methods for Evaluating Colour Differences in Images
TC 1-37 CIE Supplementary System of Photometry

CIE Draft Technical Reports in BA and Division voting stage:
TC 2-48 Spectral Responsivity Measurement of Detectors, Radiometers and Photometers (Deadline 2011-09-22)
TC 6-58 Recommendations on Minimum Levels of UV Exposure (Deadline 2011-09-30)

CIE Draft Standard that has passed BA and Division commenting stage:
TC 2-40 CIE/ISO Standard for Characterising the Performance of Illuminance Meters and Luminance Meters - Part 1: Quality Indices and Measurement Procedures
CIE Draft Technical Report that has passed BA and Division commenting stage:
TC 2-66 Terminology of LEDs and LED Assemblies

For Your Diary
2011 September 12-14, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Light Middle East
2011 September 27-29, Bregenz, Austria
LED Professional Symposium + Expo

2011 October 19-22, Madrid, Spain
Professional Lighting Design Convention 2011
PLDC 2011

2011 November  23, Vienna, 

2011 December 7-8, Lyon, 
Forum LED Europe

2012 January 24-26, CIE Central Bureau, Vienna, Austria
CIE Tutorial and Expert Symposium on Mesopic Photometry

2012 September 15-18, Hangzhou, China
CIE Lecture on Photometry, Colorimetry, Metrology and Standards for SSL and LED Lightings

2012 September 19-21, Hangzhou, China
CIE 2012 "Lighting Quality
& Energy Efficiency"

2012 September 22-26,  Hangzhou, China
Division 2 and Related Technical Committee Meetings

2013 April 12-19, Paris, France
CIE Celebrating its 100th Anniversary, CIE 2013 Midterm Meeting
2013 June 19-21, Krakow, Poland
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