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December 2015 / #23

CIE Newsletter

Year end message from the President

Dear National Committee friends,

2015 was an exciting year for CIE with big changes.  We had a very successful 28th Session of the CIE in Manchester, when a new CIE Board started with many changes of officers. It is my big honor to serve as President and I am looking forward to working with you all in next four years to make CIE even better. We also welcomed the new General Secretary, Ms. Kathy Nield, who was the President of New Zealand’s NC of CIE before moving to Vienna, giving CIE a fresh start of the new quadrennium.  

In 2015 we published CIE S 025, the first CIE standard on test method of lighting products, after four years of hard work in Division 2. To promote this important standard, we had a CIE Tutorial and Symposium on S 025 in November, organized by Division 2 and hosted by PTB, Braunschweig Germany. This event was also very successful with over 70 participants. We hope to produce more of such test method standards to strengthen CIE’s relevance to the industry and to provide more of such tutorial events to meet the industry needs.

We had many other achievements in 2015. We had publications of CIE 170-2 on fundamental colorimetry improvements, CIE S 017-SP1 on LED terms, TN003 on circadian and neurophysiological Photometry. We also published CIE position statements on CRI and color quality metrics, also on non-visual effects of light. Several other documents are close to publication and more Technical Notes (TN), which are freely available on our website, are in preparation.  With TN and position statements we aim to provide important information quickly to the industry.

In the coming year CIE has two events, the Lighting Quality and Energy Efficiency conference in Melbourne, Australia and the 4th CIE Tutorial and Symposium on color and visual appearance, which will be held during September in Prague, the Czech Republic.

I’d like to thank all those who worked very hard this year in TCs, Divisions, and other functions. I also thank all the NCs for their continuous support and collaboration in our important work of CIE.  

Happy Holidays to all of you and wishing prosperous happy new year.

Yoshi Ohno

Letter from the General Secretary

It’s been a year of change for CIE, along with the quadrennial change of the CIE President and the Board of Administration I commenced my tenure as General Secretary of the CIE. I’ve now been in the role for nearly six months and I am looking forward to supporting the work of the CIE.
CIE has developed and continues to develop a large body of work, both Technical Reports and International Standards. More recently CIE has established new types of publications, Technical Notes and Position Statements, both of which can be developed quickly on highly focused topics, with Technical Notes responding to the urgent need for guidance by industry and Position Statements being to clarify CIE’s perspective on topical issues, such as the recent Position Statement on the CIE Colour Rendering Index.
Over the past 18 months there have been two highly successful tutorials both of which focused on applying specific CIE documents, the most recent being a tutorial on the practical application of CIE S 025:2015, the new documentary standard on the testing of LED lamps, LED luminaires and LED modules. I hope that CIE CB will have other opportunities to support similar tutorials in the near future, as I see these as a direct way of enlivening the work of the CIE which is my key focus as we move forward in this current Quadrennium.
Wishing you the best for a successful 2016.

Kathryn Nield
General Secretary

Call for Experts for CIE Technical Committees 

(in case you like to contribute to one of the below, please revert directly via email to the TC Chair).

JTC 9 (/D1/D2/D3/D6) Quantifying ocular radiation input for non-visual photoreceptor stimulation
Terms of Reference:
• To define action spectra and metrics in order to quantify the ocular radiation input to all photoreceptors possibly involved in non-visual responses.
• To provide a method to calculate from a measured spectral irradiance, ideally at the cornea surface, the stimulation of each photoreceptor that can potentially contribute to non-visual responses.
• To demonstrate the validity of such metrics for predicting physiological responses based on existing data in the literature.
Chair: Luc Schlangen
TC 2-81 Update of CIE 065:1985 (Absolute Radiometers)
Terms of Reference:
To update the existing CIE 065-1985 on the operating principle of absolute detectors of optical radiation.
Chair: Marek Smid

TC 8-14 Specification of Spatio-Chromatic Complexity
Terms of Reference:
To produce a state-of-the-art report on the existing definitions of the complexity notation related to the aspects of non-uniform surfaces, generally defined as textured. To combine these definitions in order to produce a single embedding of the spatial and chromatic variations in a generic and vector form.
Chair: Richard Noel

Division News
Division 1
New Associate Director: Nana Itoh
New Division Secretary: Li-Chen Ou
New Division Editor: Peter Hanselaer

Change of TC Chair TC 1-85: Update CIE Publication 15:2004 Colorimetry
New TC Chair: Ellen Carter

Division 4
New Division Secretary: Maurice Donners

Change of JTC Chair JTC 1 (D1/D2/D4/D5): Implementation of CIE 191:2010 Mesopic Photometry in Outdoor Lighting
New JTC Chair: Stuart Mucklejohn

Change of TC Chair TC 4-33: Discomfort Glare in Road Lighting
New TC Chair: Stephan Völker
Change of TC Chair TC 4-50: Road Surface Characterization for Lighting Applications
New TC Chair: Haldun Demirdes

Division 6
New Associate Director: David Sliney
New Associate Director: Shu Takeshita
New Division Editor: Eric Liggins

Division 8
Change of TC Chair TC 8-12: Image and Video Compression Assessment

New TC Chair: Pascal Bourdon

Work in Progress
1. CIE Enquiry Draft Technical Report in BA and Division commenting stage:
    • TC 1-55 Uniform Colour Space for Industrial Colour Difference Evaluation

2. CIE Enquiry Drafts Technical Note that have passed BA and Division commenting stage, in preparation for BA and Division voting stage:
    • TC 2-65 Photometric Measurements in the Mesopic Range
       (1) “The Use of Terms and Units in Photometry – Implementation of the CIE System for    Mesopic Photometry”
       (2) “Specifying Product Performance for Mesopic Applications”

For Your Diary

2016 March 3 - 5, Melbourne, Australia
CIE Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency Conference

2016 March 27, Airport City, Israel
CIE Israel - Annual Lighting Conference

2016 April 7 - 8, Ghent, Belgium
Lumenet 2016
2016 September 5 - 7, Prague, Czech Republic
4th CIE Tutorial and Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance


The International Astronomical Union (IAU) Quality Lighting Teaching Kit has been developed  as part of the International Year of Light cornerstone theme “Cosmic Light”.  Read more
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