Read updates about the Education Cents website, upcoming events, including new Train-the-trainer events, and other changes to bring us into the 2011-2012 school year.
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• Upcoming events


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Mile High United Way 

We’ve partnered with Mile High United Way’s Individual Development Account (IDA) program to bring specific, relevant information to all of their savers, and especially those saving for higher education.
Mile High United Way Logo

Mile High United Way's Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are matched savings accounts designed to help people build assets as a step toward self-sufficiency. IDA savers are required to participate in financial education and one of the ways they can meet that requirement is to complete Education Cents online courses and workbooks. We are big supporters of the goals of the IDA program and are happy to partner with Mile High United Way to provide financial education to their clients.

Nova Seewald, Senior at Metropolitan State College of Denver
May 2011 – $500 Scholarship
My perspective has completely changed while I’ve been in college. I feel attending college will help advance my financial future dramatically. The Education Cents scholarship has been very beneficial for me. The website was easy to navigate and was very educational about budgeting ones finances. I’m very grateful for being awarded the scholarship. Thank You."

Here are a few reports and articles  that we’ve found interesting. Read our blog, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to get more like this. Happy reading!

• Tips for financial literacy program implementation for colleges (University Business Blog)
• A pilot program looks at distributing Pell Grants as paychecks (Inside Higher Ed)
• Does how you eat a box of chocolates determine your will to save or spend? (
• The top 15 financial statistics that will blow your mind (
• Making better decisions about private student loans (Project on Student Debt)

Partner News

In our first year and a half we have seen over 15,000 people create Education Cents accounts to learn about personal finance. We are so pleased that the program is helping students and families become more financially savvy and reach their higher education goals.

Thank you for your partnership and assistance in making the Education Cents program a success!

We are always making improvements to the program and we’re excited about the progress we’ve made over the summer. If you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to let us know!

General site updates
•  Randomized test answers – Unfortunately, some students have tried to “get around” the system. To make that a little more difficult, we’ve randomized our test answers within each end-of-course assessment question.
•  Sign-out reminder – There’s a time-out function on Education Cents that automatically logs a user off after 60 minutes of inactivity. Unfortunately, a few users lost their work because they did not realize that they had been signed off until it was too late. So, we added a reminder to log back in if you want Education Cents to save your work.

Facilitator updates
•  Custom quizzes – Group facilitators can now create custom quizzes. We’re pretty excited about it and we hope you will like it too! To get started simply select the group for whom you’d like to create the custom quiz, then click the “Custom Quizzes” link in the “Group Admin” section when you’re in a group.
•  Printable assessments – Because we realize that you may not always have access to a computer lab, we’ve created printable versions of our end-of-course assessments. These are available through the “Groups” dashboard in the “Facilitator Resources” section titled “Quizzes.”
•  Invite to group – We’ve enhanced our “Invite to group” functionality to enable you to e-mail more than one invitee at a time. Through the “Invite to group” link in the “Group Admin” section of the right-hand navigation, you’ll now be able to email as many invitees as you’d like… all at the same time.

We’re excited to be able to offer new resources for Spanish speaking families!
 •  Workbooks – We just completed a Spanish-language version of our financial education workbook. This workbook is not a literal translation of our English workbook; instead, we were sensitive to culture and context as we created this new resource specifically for Spanish speaking families. Order these and our High School and College workbooks – they’re free!
 •  Spanish financial aid hotline – The College in Colorado Outreach and Access Team is now available to answer questions about paying for college – in Spanish. Whether the question is complex or simple, it’s always more comfortable to talk about these important topics in your native language. Call 720-264-8580 to access the Spanish hotline.

Check our calendar for upcoming events throughout the year and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

Train-the-Trainer Events
We are currently scheduling our fall train-the-trainer series, around the state – look for our e-mail invitation soon! These day-long events provide information on using the Education Cents program and teaching personal finance. If you are interested in attending a train-the-trainer event or hosting an event in a computer lab, please let us know. We publish a list of upcoming train-the-trainer events as they are scheduled, on our For Partners page.

College Application Month

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About Education Cents
Education Cents offers a login-enabled, interactive website with a self-paced curriculum as well as presentations and workbooks. In addition to the fundamentals of personal finance, the program also helps users explore their relationships with money, the consequences of their decisions, and the frameworks from which they view their financial situations. Education Cents is intended for high school and college students of all ages and their families.

Education Cents is available free of charge to any school or non-profit organization. If you would like support or assistance implementing the Education Cents program with your audiences, please contact us at

We make continuous changes and enhancements to the program based on feedback from our users. Keep your comments and suggests coming

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