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Well, guess who is back to writing again? For some reason, I feel compelled to empty the squirrelly thoughts that occupy space in my head...and what better place to do it. I share my blogs (as seen below) with you because they might relate to your situation. You might not know how to deal with what's happening around you or you feel like you are alone in your situation. I'm here to tell you - YOU ARE NOT ALONE! How can you be when we have over 7 billion people in the world?  

We all go through life trying to figure things out by making the best decisions and finding ways to survive another day. Whether it be at work or in your home life. But hey, we don't have to struggle while we go through the process right? Reaching out to someone to get your point across doesn't have to be a difficult task. Taking the time to communicate with others allows us to feel like we are not alone and that we are on the same page in life. Your circumstances will obviously be different but there will always be a common ground.

Nothing is original, we all go through life's constant roller coaster of challenges and adventures whether it be in our relationships, break ups, a new job or loss of one, a purchase or sale of a home, a birth or death of family, friends, colleagues and so on. It's how we deal with these transitions that make the difference. It can flourish us or fall apart all around us - and the decision is yours on how it should go. I really hope that I can get your attention and if you feel the urge to respond or send me your feedback, please do so as this will give me a sense that I'm not talking to myself. 

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this email.

While I enjoy writing, I always look for new clients who could use an administrative rescue. If you know someone who fits the bill, feel free to visit my website and share the link with them.

With Appreciation!
Rose Ficco

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Rose to the Rescue offers both ad hoc tasks and ongoing administrative support to small business owners so they can focus on their core business. Rose to the Rescue can save you money by working on the time-consuming tasks that allow you time to get on with other things – like making money, enhancing customer service, getting referrals or bringing in new clients.

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