Dear Fiscotti Fan!

Holy good weather, right? I bet you are feeling the 'amore' as you make your rounds visiting friends and family (while following every rule). How nice is it to see those you've missed after what seems like another lifetime. A beam of light can be seen these days as we are consistently reminded of all the things to be grateful for. 

So much so, I want to share what I'm most grateful for. It's for having the ability to create an idea that has now flourished in ways I would have never imagined thanks to so many of you. When I started the Fiscotti Group in 2017 (now known as Rose's Fiscotti), it was based on a family recipe I borrowed. Who knew that one flavour would expand to 12 far! 

Honestly, when I first started this journey, I thought I would bake once a year for Christmas while I worked with clients on the admin side - you can find out more by clicking here - Rose to the Rescue. I had no idea people would want to order cookies for anything more. But, here we are, making them throughout the year for any reason or season. The 12 flavours I mentioned above are based on the themed flavours I've come up with in the last 3 years and the five signature flavours that are available all year round.

The flourishing of the Fiscotti journey continued because while I was baking up different fiscotti flavours, I fell in love with customizing all sorts of package designs, some even amaze me when completed...and trust me, hard to part with. Having the ability to explore all my inner creativity that obviously has been bottled up for too many years is a blessing in disguise. 

Okay, hold up, I'm not done. While I was getting my groove on (this is where you visualize me dancing), my cousin Marie had to kick it up a notch as she was the first person to order Fiscotti cookies to use in her office and as client gifts. Again, a snowball affect because she told someone and then we both told someone and now I have corporate businesses like DeLauretis Wealth Management, Fleming Realty, Invesco Canada and CI Investments who have given me the opportunity to showcase my cookies for their corporate client gifts.

You don't understand how much fun I have when I put my creative hat on to make up these gifts. Each time someone places an order, I get a sense of nervousness because in my mind, each package is a blank canvas that I get to add a personal touch to. Speaking of adding a personal touch, don't let me forget to mention that I now create a line of greeting cards to go along with the gift packages for any occasion - see more here at Fiscotti Love Collection, creative cards with sweet sentiments.

So you get me (you do get me right?), I get a sense of fulfillment knowing that a Fiscotti gift package is going to bring a smile to someone's face. I get goosebumps each time and I don't think I'll ever get over this feeling of satisfaction. The goosebumps get goosier when I get feedback, and some Love Notes can be found on my website or Facebook page as they are too good not to share.

Speaking of adding a personal touch, I forgot to mention that I now create a line of greeting cards to go along with the gift packages for any occasion - see more here at Fiscotti Love Collection, creative cards with sweet sentiments.

Now I'm done, well for now. But before I go, if you haven't heard me say it yet - THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support and AMORE xxoo!!

Speaking of 'amore'...guess what's coming back into town for the month of July and August?? You will need to scroll down to see how you can order some, until then....

Enjoy life to the last bite!

This month, Rose's Fiscotti celebrates it's first year as an online shop - July 14th to be exact. To honor this occasion, it made me think of Christmas in July. What this means is you will receive 15% off your Christmas order if it is received by July 31st.

So, if you want to check off your wish list sooner than later, (because I know some of you have already started buying and hiding gifts), simply send me a note at

We can discuss what it is you need and schedule you in for delivery, pickup or shipment in December. My signature flavours (listed below) will be available plus one or two themed flavours. Stay tuned...for now, you can see what flavour I have up for the summer.

Themed Fiscotti for the Summer!
Fiscotti Amore is a great treat for the whole family!


The Fiscotti Amore is chocolate based with marshmallow and graham crackers (a la S'More-ish)

Singles ~ $3.00
3 Pack ~ $9.00
6 Pack ~ $18.00
I need AMORE!

Do You Need a FIX?

The Fiscotti Fix Club (FFC) is for FANS who want to treat themselves (or someone they love) to a monthly care package. Each month (or on a regular basis), you can let me know which Fiscotti cookies you would like, or you can simply leave it to me to create a box to include the newest flavor as well as my signature favorites.

Who wouldn’t want a batch of Fiscotti every month to look forward too? 

You can receive a package:

  • once a month
  • every other month
  • quarterly
  • or whenever needed 

Click the button below to join the Fiscotti Monthly Club or send me a note at Price varies pending on volume (ie: small order range from $16 to $18 for 6 cookies).

I Need a Fix!

Is there someone in your life who is celebrating something special? Maybe someone needs a little TLC or cheering up? If so, the Fiscotti cookies are great for any reason. 

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary
  • New Baby/ Reveal
  • Housewarming
  • Valentine's 
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Here are more reasons: 

  • Get Well Soon 
  • Say I'm Sorry
  • Offer Sympathy
  • Say Thank You
  • Just Because
  • New Job
  • Retirement
  • Congratulations

Send a note to for more information.

Dear Business Owners!

Everyone needs to feel appreciated, especially those you spend so much time with!!

As a business owner and former employee to several organizations, I know how important it is to build a rapport and make someone feel appreciated - people like employees, coworkers, clients, suppliers and outsourced contractors. Some of these very people have become like family and every now and again, it's always nice to remind them how important they are in my life.


Send a gift package to your business related 'family' to say:

  • Thank You
  • Happy Birthday
  • Congratulations (new home, new baby, retirement etc.)
  • Happy Anniversary
  • You are the Best

Arrangements can be made to suit your budget, style/theme and I can add a note on your behalf. 

More Business Gift Ideas here!

Send me a note to discuss further, as I am here to get creative!

Let's work together and leave a lasting impression.

Let's talk Gifts
Fiscotti Signature Flavours
Nonna's Original Fiscotti
Anise, Almonds & Sambuca Liqueur
A favorite family recipe...these cookies are known to bring a piece of history back in every bite. A client once said the cookie reminded her of many Italian grandmothers. 
Naughty Fiscotti
Chocolate, Salted Caramel Chips, Skor Pieces & Pretzels

We honestly 'Skor-ed' when we created these gooey cookies because people just L-O-V-E them! Rightfully so, because they are naughty, especially since we added the pretzels!!
Fiscotti Joy 
Chocolate, Shredded Coconut and Almond Slivers

This delightful cookie was created because I love the Almond Joy chocolate bar and it reminds me of being on a beach singing and dancing!!
Fiscotti Bliss
Chocolate & Peppermint Chips

If you are a lover of After Eights or Chocolate Peppermint ice cream, then you will love these so much, you'll be asking for more!! Honestly, my favorite! 
I need a Fiscotti Fix
Ordering & Shipping Information
How to Order
You have 2 options:
1. You can go directly to Rose's Fiscotti Shop or
2. Fiscotti Fans who have purchased cookies in the past, you know it's as easy as responding to this email, sending me a text, emailing me or giving me a call. I know some of you have visited my online shop and from what I could tell, there was some confusion with the shipping because it is set as a default and for those who are local, they missed the delivery option when trying to check out. If you reach me directly, we can make arrangements for local pickup or delivery. Please be patient as I work out this online glitch, I don't want you to be inconvenienced, so please just reach out to me directly. Thanks!!!

Shipping Details

Fiscotti cookies are baked to order so please allow 3 to 4 business days for me to prepare shipment. Gift packages are shipped within 2-4 business days (with possible delays).

All orders must be cancelled within 24 hours of order. Food products cannot be returned for any reason once it has been shipped per Federal law. All food items must be destroyed once they're returned.

All orders are shipped via Canada Post. Rose's Fiscotti cannot ship to PO boxes addresses. We are not responsible for delayed or returned orders due to incorrect or undeliverable addresses.

Rose's Fiscotti crew takes great care in packaging the products, however Fiscottis are fragile. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee what happens to the packages once they leave our hands. Should you receive a package that is greatly damaged please contact me.

Fiscotti Ingredients & Storage
Our Fiscotti cookies are homemade and rich in flavor. We only use the freshest ingredients. I do my best to buy local - found the best egg farm nearby. The Fiscotti freeze well  as they keep up to 6 months or more.

Ingredients: Our Fiscotti cookies contain wheat (gluten), nuts, seeds, and chocolate. While some biscotti may not contain all of these ingredients, trace amounts of them may be found.

Storage Directions: Store your Fiscotti cookies in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. The Fiscotti cookies are best eaten within 4 weeks, but can be stored in a refrigerator or freezer for up to 3 to 6 months. The cookies don't take long to thaw out, when removed from fridge/freezer, you can bite into it once you dipped it in your coffee/tea).
Copyright © 2016-2021 The Fiscotti Group, All rights reserved.

Rose's Fiscotti
Innisfil, ON

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