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Every birthday party needs good music. So today, Friday, we continue to bring you quality music and this time it is the music from the Icelandic band Hjaltalin.

Hjaltalín is an Icelandic group with a very unique sound. Even though 
chamber-pop has been used quite frequently as an attempt to describe their music it is hard to categorize it as their music spawns many categories. Hjaltalin was founded in the year 2004 and the original members, who persisted changes in line-up and experiments with styles were Axel Haraldsson on drums, Guðmundur Óskar Guðmundsson on bass, Hjörtur Ingvi Jóhannsson on keyboards, Högni Egilsson on guitar and vocals. At a gig @ The Iceland Airwaves Festival later that year Sigríður Thorlacius was introduced into the group as the female vocalist. 

Nearly a decade later and with two very successful albums the band is one of the most popular bands in Iceland. 

In Alpanon you can see recordings from a concert Hjaltalin did together with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, when they joined forces in the summer of 2010. They held three concert and every seat in the hall sold out. The audience loved it. This collaboration with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra provided an opportunity for Hjaltalín to work with different music than they had done before and the result was truly magical.

Available now in HD*


* For watching in HD good Internet connection is needed. But no worries if you are not able to stream HD then a small and medium versions are also available. 

Days of Gray - A silent narrative film with original score from Hjaltalin

´Days Of Gray´ will be a modern day homage to silent films, a fantastical tale that will come to life through Hjaltalín's music, who will perform their original score to the film live at screenings, just like films were shown in the early days of cinema." ´Days of Gray´ tells the journey of a young boy as he makes his way from his family's strange yet tradition-bound home to the far side of a forbidden boundary. There, a strange girl leads him through an even stranger place of distortions and mutations. Together, they adventure through a world inviting yet fearsome, epic in darkness and in hope, and, in the process, who they might be.

Ani Simon-Kennedy (the director), Cailin Yatsko (the cinematographer) and Hrafn Jonssón (the screenwriter) all fell under Hjaltalín's spell at a concert in Prague last May. Hjaltalín's performance sparked the idea for ´Days Of Gray´, and Ani expanded on it, growing the crew to a total of 15 young talents from France, the US and Iceland. Each of them come from a very strong cinematic background, having directed their own award-winning shorts and worked on sets of major motion pictures. 
But before they can start shooting in July, they still need to raise funds to cover the first stages of production. They have 17 more days to reach their goal on Kickstarter, so if ´Days Of Gray´ sounds like a film you'd like to see next year, please support these young independent filmmakers through Kickstarter and by helping them spread the word!

You can follow their project on Twitter, Facebook and on their blog

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