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Poetry & Iowa Sweet Corn
On Writing The Weems Storm Glass Mysterious Weather Predictor
by Mark Jay Brewin Jr.

So often I am moved by people, arrested by their stories, but not usually objects, trinkets, or the like. However, a simple trip to a hardware store proved to be an incredible art excursion, and one of the random objects therein became the inspiration for a poem that delves into the human experience, mysticism— the things we seek to help us move through this often trying world.
The Weems Stormglass Mysterious Weather Predictor— just saying the name sends electricity through me—such power! Such history! Thank goodness for the little plaque beside it, explaining its place on the mast of the HMS Beagle (the vessel that bore Darwin across the Galapagos), it’s timeless legends of aiding Italian sailors in the Middle Ages, the supposed magic in this sealed vial of clear liquid: the power to foretell the weather. Who couldn’t fall in love with the romanticism of it, it’s divination and charm?

Who would know that my one page narrative in verse would garner the attention of Ned Balbo, judge of Flyway: Journal of Environment & Writing’s Sweet Corn contest? What else could be more fitting, than for the poem (which shares its title with the name of the stormglass) to place as winner of said contest, which ferries with it the prize of a case of organic, Iowa Sweet Corn?

Now if only I could share the bounty with Admiral FitzRoy, captain of the Beagle, or one of the mystics who first devised the serum, long ago, then I’d truly be on cloud nine.

Mark's poem will be published this fall in Flyway.

Mark Jay Brewin Jr's poems have been published or are forthcoming in Beloit Poetry Journal, Virginia Quarterly Review, The Cortland Review, North American Review, & Prairie Schooner.  His first collection Scrap Iron won the 2012 Agha Shahid Ali Prize in Poetry, University of Utah Press. An MFA graduate of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, he is contributing-editor for the poetry journal, Cave Wall Press.
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Peg Quinn
Brings a bowl
of Origami Poems to her reading at Art City Studios in CA

Bill Sullivan
Lore: Poetry and Prose
Illustrations by Leslie Tryon
Release Date:  9/7 from
Grove Street Books, an imprint of Bauhan Books

Howie Good

Dark Specks in a Blue Sky from
Another New Calligraphy

Turn : Turn : Turn - Summer Solstice 2015
from ELJ Publications

Short Short Stories includes Cyjoe Barker at Work by Barbara Schweitzer

E. Ethelbert Miller
COLLECTED POEMS (ed. Kirsten Porter)

Willow Books, Spring 2016

Email alert from Lisa Starr & Heather Sullivan:

Jennifer Lighty's
Breaking up with the Moon
from Finishing Line Press


Crosswinds Poetry Journal
Launches Sept 1st!

David Dragone announces the launch of Crosswinds starting 9/1. See website & ad in Poets and Writers. Congrats!

TUE Sept 8th 7:15-8pm

Helen Burke's broadcast includes London poet Agnes Meadows, songs by Norman Hopkins, poetry by Kara Provost, Helen Burke & Jan Keough * Visit here & listen live or later via Podcast
(Artwork by Helen Burke)


Frequency Writers Anthology Release!
Sept 9th  6-8pm
Providence Public Library's Ship Room, 150 Empire St., Providence
Free Entry - Readings, Refreshments


Frequency Writers'
Open House  Fri, Sept 4th 6-8 pm at 186 Carpenter St, Providence
For other Frequency info:
Current Courses


Fiddle ‘n Folk Festival
Sat Sept 12 11am-5:30pm

Kara Provost & Lynnie Gobeille
Haines Memorial Park, Barrington RI
(Rain date 9/16)


Pawtucket Celebrates Poetry with The Three Amigos
Rick Benjamin, Tom Chandler, Lisa Starr
Sun. Sept 13  2-3:30 pm
Plus Winners of the Galway Kinnell Poetry Contest
Part of Pawtucket Arts Festival @ The Samaritans Forget-Me-Not-Art Gallery, 67 Park Place, Pawtucket


Saturday, Sept 26  3-5pm
Symposium Books
A Reading of Food-Related Poems
featuring Kim Baker, ed.
Word Soup (Download Poster HERE)
With Kara Provost, Emily Sack, Juliana Collins Anderson, Kathryn Kulpa, Bea Lazarus, Bill Sullivan, Marybeth Rua-Larsen, Mary Mueller, Diane Dolphin, Julie Hassett, Jim Rosenberg, Marguerite Flanders & Ron Montanaro...

Refreshments - Raffle - Open Mic at Symposium Books, E Greenwich


Beat Poet Festival
Tues Oct 6th 7pm

Kara Provost, Bill Sullivan, Lynnie Gobeille
AS220, Providence RI

Writing Down Cancer
A Book Launch Soiree
Sunday, Oct 4  3-5pm
Symposium Books (see above)

For RI poet, Carol Anderheggen with special guest poet, Nancy Jasper.  M/C: Kate O'Kula, Pres., Ocean State Poets
Finishing Line Press Publisher
E-Letters to the OPP

Just a short note to say hello and let you know how much I appreciated the little Origami Poetry Project chap you did. I'd be glad to do poetry business with you any time.
Harry Calhoun, NC, 8/9

Thank you so much for getting all of this done and doing the research to make this a quality production. I hope it is fun for you
Nancy Jasper, RI, 8/6
(Yes, it is fun, Nancy!)

sincerely hope you enjoy them (poems) as much as I enjoy what you are doing for the world!
Kik Larsen, RI, 7/16
(We did & will have her chapbook ready this fall!)

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am very excited to be considered for your publication.
Veronica Matsuda, CA, 7/13

Thanks for yet another opportunity and all you continue to do.
Bill Carpenter, RI, 6/28

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Above: Sunflowers Vista by Katy Tartakoff, Denver photographer - katytartakoff.com  By kind permission

Right-side:  New Poets Sara Norja, John Grey, Veronica Matsuda. Latest Micro-chapbooks include collections by Howie Good, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Bill Carpenter & Nancy Jasper. Sleuthing for the Painter of Snorri by Jan Keough.

Poets New to the OPP
Sara Norja dreams in two languages and has a predilection for tea. Born in England and currently settled in Helsinki, Finland, she is pursuing a PhD in English linguistics.  Her poetry has appeared in publications such as Goblin Fruit, Strange Horizons, Through the Gate, Niteblade & Interfictions.

John Grey, Australian-born short story writer, poet, playwright, musician, and RI resident, has published in numerous magazines including Weird Tales, Christian Science Monitor, Greensboro Poetry Review, Poem, Agni & Poet Lore. 1999 winner, Rhysling Award, short genre poetry.

Veronica Matsuda is a second-generation Japanese American who grew up in a seaside town near Santa Barbara. She matriculated at the University of California Davis, where she studied English literature and creative writing.  An avid animal lover, visual artist, and active hiker, she lives in northern California.


June * July * August Micro-Chapbooks Published
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When It Rains
by Howie Good

Natural Falling Rain Drops

Opening Stanzas
Rain on the way,
a sound no letters can spell.

I was watching it
and thinking,
The most expensive work of art ever,
cast in platinum  
and encased in diamonds.

I stared miserably
at mom’s grave.

For god’s sake,
why put it there,
in the rain?
Howie Good, journalism professor at SUNY New Paltz, is the author of the forthcoming poetry collection Dark Specks in a Blue Sky from Another New Calligraphy (Summer/Fall 2015).
· · ·
Cover photo of Sergio Bustamante's ‘Face in Hands‘ Sculpture

To the Boy that Ran Away

Last night I woke to that same dream,
the one full of people that aren’t you.
The fear came back when I rose
from the soaked cloth of sleep
after digging down to the bone.
I’ll love, if I can, with knowing
our moments are gone. How I wish
you could be present, and pretend
for a moment, you miss me too.

Ariana is the author of several poetry chapbooks and collections, including Wayward Lines (RAWArt Press, 2015), Strangest Sea (Porkbelly Press, 2015), and Beautiful Wreckage (Flutter Press, 2015).  She's founder and publisher of ELJ Publications.

· · ·

Excerpt from the Book
by John Grey

Cover: Newport Gate by Kevin Keough

I remember my grandmother
who, after a lifetime of noonday-sun-avoidance,
had skin like pink porcelain,
not a wrinkle to be had
and yet, no mistaking her for someone younger.

For she was old like sea-glass or shells,
like the outside walls of the Providence courthouse
or the various architectural splendors
of the east side, or trees like birch
that turn shiny silver when they hit their century.

She was strong, not from muscle and bone,
which were frail when I knew her,
but of years lived, of tales recounted,
of people she knew and could, even then, remember.

Other people died young.
But she lived well into her nineties.
As her days wore on,
time found her increasingly necessary.
(John Grey © 2015 - See bio above)
* * *

Yellow Teacakes
by Veronica Matsuda

Cover: Wall by the Sea by Jan Keough

Yellow Teacakes
Flowers of the sun
Royal collar of Egyptian gold
After winter’s brittle dormancy
Yellow is the most optimistic color
Fistfuls of a child’s pleasure
The knotted scarf of a woman’s patience
Unwinding to fly free as a kite
Ushering in an age of Gatsby in sepia
It’s an unabashed overflow with
Mint juleps and butter-yellow teacakes
Frittering away sun-baked afternoons
In villas vying for light of the kings
(Veronica Matsuda © 2015 - See bio above)
· · ·

Reimagining the Cosmos
by Bill Carpenter

Cover: Raven Restores the Stars, button blanket in the style of Native
Americans of the Pacific Northwest by Emily Westcott
Photo by Bill Carpenter

Love Triangle

The Land basks
in her suitors’ attentions,
aroused by Sky’s
torrid caresses,
lifting her tidal skirts
to Ocean’s brine,
blushing in foreplay,
she gives herself freely to both.

But Sky is a jealous lover,
smothering Land,
turning green at
Ocean’s advances.
The Sky scrolls love letters
on clouds to dissuade her
from Ocean’s pandering.
His missives range
from pastel dusks and dawns
to dark rants billowing wrath.

Nor will Ocean
willingly share the lover
he cannot stop kissing.
As they lie together
beneath suspicious heaven,
hopeful of touching
places only Sky can reach,
Ocean washes ever higher
up the rocky knees of her shores.

This struggle unravels
as heartache for Land’s inhabitants,
who thrive on the planet’s
marbled blue harmony,
but cower when Land
spurs her suitors to jealousy
as they whip up cyclones
and ocean-driven maelstroms,
when all earthlings can do
is pray to their gods,
amid the throes
of these tempestuous lovers.

Bill Carpenter's  poetry has appeared in such journals as Runes, Blueline, Chest, Balancing the Tides, July Literary Press and the RI Writer’s Circle Anthology, He’s a member of the Ocean State Poets.
· · ·

A Lament

by Nancy Jasper

Cover:  Snorri Sturluson by Haukur Stefánsson. By kind permission of Snorrastofa director, Bergur Þorgeirsson (see below)

Snorri Loses Sleep 

has gotten into 
Snorri’s horse. 
His horse has developed 
a sixth gait,
a subtle alteration
in timing. 
It is more subtle than Snorri. 
He cannot follow it,
cannot feel his way 
into the altered hitch 
and swing. 
It is a rogue meter,
one of the old skaldic meters 

he disturbed 
when he was showing off 
for the Norwegians. 
He is deeply unsettled. 
It is a warning. 
He has overreached himself,

Nancy Jasper, a clinical social worker, has published poems with the Origami Poems Project, Gávea-Brown, Leviathan, and The Wrackline. She has read her poetry on the RI affiliate of National Public Radio, as part of their This I Believe series. She has been a featured reader at several venues in Rhode Island

On the grounds of The Snorrastofa Cultural Research Centre in Reykholt, Iceland

Sleuthing for the Painter of Snorri Sturluson by Jan Keough

Google search let me down. On the hunt for Snorri Sturlson's image (Icelandic poet & historian 1179-1241) to grace an Origami chapbook cover, Google gurgled a slurry of drawings, etchings, and one painting of a contemplative Snorri.  But, alas, no artistic credit revealed.

I prodded Google search again. This time the engines flagged Icelandic author Nancy Marie Brown and her blogsite,
God of Wednesday.  Brown and I swapped emails. She generously forwarded my inquiry to Sigrún G. Þormar, Project Director of the Snorrastofa Cultural Research Center in Iceland. A Center founded in the memory of Snorri Sturluson!
Through Director Þormar I learned that the Snorri portrait artist was Haukur Stefánsson (1901–1953), Icelandic born, moved with family to Winnipeg, Canada and then was art schooled in Chicago from 1923-29.  Stefánsson's roommate and best friend in Chicago happened to be Walt Disney.  Ah, obscurity no more!  Stefánsson stands out in my mind as comrade and fellow artist of this most famous cartoonist and artistic entrepreneur.
It turns out that the Snorrastofa Center owns the original painting of Snorri.  (I've added the Center to my bucket list, as you can imagine.)  To my delight, the Center's Project Director concluded his email with this generous offer:  "permission is hereby given by Snorrastofa director, Bergur Þorgeirsson" to use Stefánsson's artwork on Nancy Jasper's Origami micro-chapbook cover...

Now, that's an ending worthy of a Walt Disney classic!

- Jan Keough

Above image from http://thedailyquotes.com/laughter-is-timelesss

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