This Month: What to say in life's most difficult situations, tools for managing anxiety, and overcoming obstacles to starting your own business.
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What To Say In Life's Most Difficult Situations

From Refinery 29 quoting UB's Joyce Marter

What do you say to someone reeling from one of the most difficult events he or she will ever experience, whether that's the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, an illness, a miscarriage, or a loved one's death? While every person and situation is different, first recognize that it's not your responsibility, or even within your ability, to resolve that person's pain. "It’s important to honor their unique experience and ask them what it’s like for them," says Joyce Marter, licensed psychotherapist and CEO of counseling practice Urban Balance. This is a better plan than encouraging that person to see the glass half-full or pointing out ways in which his or her situation could be worse....

Urban Balance News

New Health Insurance Options at Urban Balance

Find a full list of Health Insurance providers UB therapists are in-network with. Since its founding in 2004 Urban Balance has been an insurance friendly counseling practice. Each Chicago area therapy office has therapists in-network with the major health insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS.)

Adolescent & Young Adult Therapy

At each of our 6 locations Urban Balance has therapists on staff who young people can relate to and understand. Our therapists are warm, compassionate, and not judgmental—we understand the issues that teenagers and young adults face with regard to school, family, relationships and life in general.

Search UB therapists who specialize in counseling for adolescents.

Manage Everyday Anxiety With These Tools

When clients visit UB therapist Leslie Holley, LCPC, MA for help with anxiety, she tells them that having a toolbox to manage their anxiety symptoms is essential. However, techniques to help with anxiety only work when we can accept our symptoms and be present with them instead of fighting against them. This is the first step to introducing tools to help with anxiety – assessing the issue and understanding how it is negatively impact day to day living.


Overcoming Entrepreneurial Obstacles

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In my practice, professionals frequently report feeling stuck in a career or corporate position that is not meaningful, enjoying or rewarding for them on a deeper level.  Stay-at-home parents often express interest in self-employment as a way to return to the workforce with the flexibility and work/life balance it affords.  

Many people want to start their own business.  Few actually do...

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