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Body Builder

July 15, 2021 

Mid-American Baptist Churches of Iowa and Minnesota
strive to work together to build up the Body of Christ.


Finding our Silver Linings 
Friends, I was watching the opening worship service for our first ever virtual Biennial Mission Summit and the question was asked: What have been the Silver Linings that have come out of this pandemic? And I wanted to the pose that very question to you.

What silver linings have come about in your church as a result of having to pivot due to the pandemic brought about by Covid-19?

I think the biggest silver lining has been appreciation. Everyone is SO thankful for what we took for granted before: being together. We are getting ready to have a potluck lunch together (nearly everyone in our congregation is vaccinated) with no restrictions, and everyone is super grateful for that opportunity.
On a non-church note, I lead a community choir here in Atlantic, and we had to cancel our summer show last year. Everyone was very bummed about that. However, we are going to put together a Christmas program for this year. People in the group have asked me, "Are we going to sing this Christmas?" To which I respond, "Yes! It's time." And everyone--to a person--expresses excitement and gratitude (and an eagerness to get started!) for the opportunity to make music together. 
Ray McCalla, Pastor at FBC 
Atlantic, Iowa

I would like to share your silver linings with the MABC family through upcoming editions of the BodyBuilder. So please send me an email letting me know what silver linings you have discovered in the last year and a half.

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***A new invitation for anyone who missed the
2021 Biennial Mission Summit***

If you missed this week’s 2021 American Baptist Churches USA Biennial Mission Summit, we extend this new invitation to you. 
For only $40, you can register for the Biennial Mission Summit for post-event access to the Virtual Attendee Hub through Friday, September 24, 2021. On this event platform you can access:
  • Recordings of all the main sessions, including the Caucus Events, Workshops, MMBB Address, IM and ABHMS Highlights, Business Session, Laugh Your Way to Grace, and all plenary worship services.
  • Content from over 30 Exhibitors, including video and document resources for learning, ministry enhancement and encouragements, and links to additional external resources.
  • Bible study, workshops, worship clips, and other resources from the On-Demand Library

Something new from the American Baptist Home Missions Society. 
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MABC Region News:

Brought to you by the MABC Mission & Stewardship Team 

The Mission and Stewardship Team will be sharing insights from a book entitled: Double Blessing by Mark Batterson (2019), 
in several upcoming editions of The BodyBuilder

“Gratitude is thanking God after He does it, and that’s great. 
Faith is thanking God before he does it. 
Remember the story of Elijah who told King Ahad that a mighty rainstorm
was coming and then sent his servant to look for a raincloud? That’s faith.”  

“ Generosity involves time and talent as much as treasure.
If you’re in a season where it is difficult to make financial ends meet,
double down on giving your time and talent.”

MABC Mission Giving Update

Here is a snapshot of our giving through June 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. The information below does not include all giving but offers helpful comparisons between this year and the previous year in a couple of key areas. Please keep in mind that “Region Close” is typically around the 10th of the month. So the information for the end of the current month is available in the middle of the next month.

  • 2021 United Mission Basic giving through 6-30-21: $78,439
    2020 United Mission Basic giving through 6-30-20: $95,291

  • 2021 Region Offering through 6-30-21: $6,692
    2020 Region Offering through 6-30-20: $5,443

  • 2021 America For Christ through 6-30-21: $25,157
    2020 America For Christ through 6-30-20: $24,990

  • 2021 Love Gift through 6-30-21: $3,614
    2020 Love Gift through 6-30-20: $3,577

MABC Region Upcoming Events:

A complete listing of upcoming events can be found on the region website HERE





Pilgrim Baptist Church

Pilgrim Baptist Church of St. Paul, MN is currently searching for a Minister of Music.
The Minister of Music is responsible to create an atmosphere of celebration and reverence to God through music for all Worship Service Experiences. The Minister of Music will need to collaborate with the Music and Fine Arts Ministries, Sound Technician and Music Committee Members to embrace and enhance this atmosphere and support the music worship goals as expressed by the Senior Pastor Of Pilgrim Baptist Church. The Minister Of Music reports to the Senior Pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Church. Full job description can be found HERE

Attention Ministers of the MABC Region

Fall MABC Ministers Council Retreat - Open to all Clergy
 Oct. 8-9 at Dayton Oaks Camp.
Check-in begins on the 8th at 10 am and the retreat ends on the 9th at 2 pm

More details to follow 

Continuing Education opportunities can be found HERE

Remember the Number 256

This past Tuesday, I attended my bi-monthly meeting of all Region Executive via zoom and we had an attorney from Ohio share some insights in a presentation entitled, “Litigation Prevention and Preparedness.” Here’s a number we should all remember for any volunteers and staff who work with children & youth. The number is 256 and here’s what it stands for…

  • 2 = 2 adults should always be present in person, in text conversations with students, and in any direct messaging with students.

  • 5 = The number really stands for 50. All people who are working with children and youth should have a nationwide (or 50 states) background checks on file in your church’s office.

  • 6 = There should be a 6-month waiting period for anyone new to the church who wants to volunteer to work with children or youth.

The number 256 should be committed to memory and I’d strongly encourage all our churches to implement these practices for the health and safety of all.  If you would like to discuss your current policies and get more insight into this - please don't hesitate to contact me at the Region office: 515-278-1411 or 



2021 Palmer Grants
Application Due July 31, 2021

5-25k for individuals/churches; 40k for regions

This Multi-Region Corporation (MRC) Palmer Grant cycle focuses on helping recipients to learn the unforced rhythms of grace. The grant provides the opportunity and encouragement for church leadership to attend to the health of their souls, their bodies, their hearts, and their minds. Grant projects should be inspired by Howard Thurman’s words, “God, teach us how to respond to the needs of Thy children in ways that do not undermine the self, but inspire and enliven the spirit.” (Thurman, The Centering Moment.)

We invite grant applications focused on creating opportunities for participants to deepen their understanding of God’s call to “get away with me and…recover your life.” Deepening our relationship with God, deepening our relationships with family and friends, deepening our relationships among our collegial community and our congregations, and deepening our relationship with ourselves and understanding of our own needs leads to becoming healthy, vibrant followers of God.
Download Grant Flyer


Scenes from Summer Camp - Forest Lake Camp: 
Deep and Wide Camp and Outdoor Adventure Camp

Next Edition we will show Scenes from Dayton Oaks Camp



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  • 70th Birthday Celebration - September 19
  • Shalom Retreat - October 8-10


American Baptist Women’s Ministries is seeking a Program & Mission Advancement Coordinator Information can be found HERE

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