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Body Builders

January 31, 2020

Dear <<First Name>>,

Mid-American Baptist Churches strive to "work together to build up the body of Christ."
We hope this issue of Body Builders will provide news and helpful resources to assist your church in its ministry,
as well as connect you to the broader ministry of American Baptists.     

So what exactly does the Region do?  Click here and see

The Body Builders is the region's e-newsletter and is sent out on the 15th and the last day of each month. If you have content you would like to see included, please send your information to and/or with the subject being: For Body Builders, and we will work to include it in the upcoming edition. Pictures are welcomed - especially if they are in a .jpg format.

Don't forget to SAVE THE DATE: We will gather as a family for our Biennial Meeting and celebrate the Region's 50th Anniversary on Friday and Saturday, October 2-3, 2020 in Pella, Iowa at First Baptist Church! Be a part of the celebration!
P.S. If you LOVE to plan parties, contact Jackie at the region office.
She's looking for party planners to help her plan and organize an event not to be missed. 

If you know of someone who is not receiving the Body Builder and would like to - cut and paste the following link into an email and send it to them:
Have them complete the form and submit, and they will be subscribed starting with the next edition. 


Please let the Region Office know of additional dates to add and any corrections to the dates listed. 
(**) denotes new information to the calendar since the last edition


February 10 - 12 (Mon-Wed) MABC Ministers Council Retreat @ Dayton Oaks **More information below
March 28 (Sat) MABC Spring Region Board Meeting @ Forest Lake Camp 10am - 2pm
March 30 - April 1 (Mon-Wed) Prairie Pastors Conference @ Sunset Hills Baptist Church, Omaha, NE.
More Information below - Please register at this link:
**April 3-4  (Fri-Sat)  - ABWM Wellness Weekend @ First Baptist Church on Northland - Cedar Rapids 
April 14-19 (Tue - Sun) - Kyle and Debby Witmer - IM Global Servants in the Region - See below
April 17 (Fri) IA West ABWM Spring Rally @ Dayton Oaks
April 18 (Sat) IA East ABWM Spring Rally @ Forest Lake

April 30- May 2 (Thu-Sat) Quilters Retreat in Oelwein
May 1-2 (Fri-Sat) A Forest Lake sponsored a spiritual retreat for women
June  6 (Sat) ABWM Annual Gathering in Des Moines
June 16-19 (Tue- Fri) National ABWM Gathering @ Green Lake 

**July 24 -25 (Fri-Sat) Rhythms of the Spirit Contemplative Retreat @ FBC Des Moines Registration will be available shortly. 
September 21 - 25 (Mon- Fri) ABHMS - Space for Grace - Kansas City
September 25 - 27 (Fri- Sun) Dayton Oaks Men's Retreat - Dayton Oaks Camp
October 2 - 3 (Fri-Sat) - MABC 50th Anniversary Celebration and Biennial@ FBC Pella
October 8 - 12 (Thu - Mon) ABW Cruise
October 10 (Sat) Dayton Oaks Volunteer Appreciation Banquet - Dayton Oaks Camp

  • FBC Battle Lake, Battle Lake, MN - Part Time Pastor
  • FBC - Church of the Brethren, Cedar Rapids, IA - Full Time Pastor
  • Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN - Full Time Pastor
  • Renwick Baptist, Renwick, Iowa - Part Time Pastor
  • FBC Winona, Winona, Iowa - Part Time Pastor
All Church profiles are listed on the ABCUSA MinistreLIfe Website and MABC Region Staff is actively working with each of  these search committees. 
Welcome to the Mid American Baptist Family!
The installation service for Rev. James Bringman was held at First Baptist Church of Mason City on January 26th.

Click HERE for the latest and greatest happenings and opportunities with: 

Global Servants Debby and Kyle Witmer Will Be Visiting Our Region in April!

Debby and Kyle serve the Thai Karen Baptist Convention (TKBC) Siloam Bible Institute in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they work in pastoral education and leadership development. Young people from the Karen ethnic group attend the school with the goal of following the call of God on their lives to be pastors and evangelists among the Karen villages in the hills of Thailand. Kyle is also involved in continuing education with TKBC pastors and evangelists. Debby is providing worship leadership to conferences in the area and helping with the English language program at Siloam. The Witmers continue discipleship with their own children through homeschooling.

Current Schedule of Availability:
Tuesday, April 14 - open
Wednesday, April 15 - The United Baptist -Presbyterian Church, Mt. Ayr, Iowa
Thursday, April 16th - open
Friday, April 17th - Dayton Oaks Camp - ABW Spring Rally
Saturday, April 18th - Forest Lake Camp - ABW Spring Rally
Sunday, April 19th - Woodbury Baptist, Woodbury, MN

Evening of April 19th - open in the Minneapolis area

If you are interested in having them come to your church on one of their open slots - please contact Gary Martin -

OGHS Funds Released in Response to Earthquake in Puerto Rico
In response to the 6.4-magnitude earthquake that shook Puerto Rico Tuesday morning January 7th, American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS), on behalf of American Baptist Churches USA, has released $15,000 in One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) funds to partners in Puerto Rico, including $10,000 for Iglesias Bautistas de Puerto Rico. However, additional help is needed.
Learn more here.


Forest Lake Summer Camp
Needs Male cabin leaders. They must be 18 years old by June 1st. Interested parties can get an application by calling Shawn (Camp Manager) at (641)680-0648. All applications due by February 29th,2020.

Dayton Oaks Summer Camp
Need summer camp staff for 2020 camp season.  Still need 2 male cabin leaders and one female cabin leader for summer camp season.  Also need kitchen help for the summer.  Must be 18 or older.  Opportunities for internships are also be available.  Please call Matt or Dani at 515-547-2417 for more information.  
Volunteers are also needed for summer camp.  Choose to help for a day, or a week, or more.  
Summer camp materials are at the printer now, & will be sent out in February.  Online registration will be available again for summer camp. 
Register at  


Thursday, February 6, 2020
9:00 PM Eastern/6:00 PM Pacific

What exactly is mindfulness, and how does it relate to our Christian faith? Mindfulness is an active, open state of being that allows us to be present – to live in the here and now instead of constantly worrying about the past or planning for the future. As Christian women, many of us have been socialized and conditioned to care for others to such an extent that we sometimes forget to care for ourselves. This forgetting can leave us searching for a sense of wholeness that is already present, but difficult to realize when we get out-of-balance by focusing predominantly on “doing” for others instead of on “being” with the God of Love. Mindfulness can help us regain our balance by recognizing ourselves as beloved daughters of God–worthy, whole, uniquely gifted, and cherished. This webinar will focus on practical ways to calm our minds and open our hearts in ways that allow for deep listening to the call of Christ in our lives. Please join us; come with your questions, your curiosity, your enthusiasm, and your skepticism–it is all welcomed, and so are you.

Register Now!
Click here to register for this one-hour, free webinar.
Click here to learn more about the webinar.

Image result for ministers council

 Even though you don't have to pay anything you still need to CLICK THIS LINK: and officially join. 


  Presenter: Matt Russell, Executive Director of Iowa Interfaith Power and Light
Worship Provided by Rev. Dr. Bill Englund 
Registration Cost for event, meals, and lodging:
$65 for returning attendees
$35 for first-time attendees
Please make your check out to “MABC Ministers Council” and
deadline to register is February 3 to:
Rev. Dr. David Russell
First Baptist Church
200 Lynn Ave
Ames, Iowa 50014


Apply now for the two-year program beginning in September 2020. 
 What is PrairieFire?
PrairieFire is an invitation to a deeper spiritual life, an invitation to set time aside for renewing of self and awakening of soul.
It is an opportunity for education and mutual guidance and support in developing spiritual awareness and life-sustaining spiritual practices. 
A third-year practicum is available for those who desire training in spiritual direction.
Want to learn more? Come to an Open House at the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center: 
 Tuesday, March 3, 2020
6:00-7:30 PM
RSVP HERE -- for the March 3rd Open House
For application materials and more information:
Please register at this link:

"Celebrating Ministering Women: Radical. Redeemed. Ready."
June 16-19, 2020

American Baptist Churches USA and American Baptist Women's Ministries (ABWM) are partnering to present a unique conference, Celebrating Ministering Women: Radical. Redeemed.  Ready., to be held June 16-19, 2020 at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wis. 

From the pioneering women of long ago to the trailblazing leaders of today, the movement of women into ministry has involved the whole family of faith from all across ABCUSA. With women serving in a multitude of ways and a variety of roles nationally and internationally, American Baptist Women in Ministry (ABWIM) and ABWM are joining together to celebrate ministering women across the Unites States, Puerto Rico, and around the world.
Held at Green Lake Conference Center where the first Women In Ministry conference took place in 1980, out of which the Women in Ministry Project was birthed, and where American Baptist women have gathered for many years, the conference will feature inspiring speakers, creative worship, engaging workshops, and opportunities to converse and connect.

Early Registration is due by March 1, 2020.
Prior to March 1, the registration fee for conference attendees is  $149.
After the Early Bird registration date of March 1
the conference attendance registration fee is $199. 
A minimum deposit of $150 is due at the time of initial registration.
All remaining registration costs will be due by May 11, 2020
The registration deadline is May 11, 2020. 
On-site registration will not be available.

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