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 A Note to the Clergy of the
Mid-American Region

Called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to embody and proclaim
the Good News of Jesus Christ as Lord,
Mid-American Baptist Churches is a covenanting association of
American Baptist Churches in
Minnesota and Iowa. 
We are interdependent and diverse congregations and individuals
working and praying together to build up the Body of Christ.   

                                                                                                                   ---Our Region's Mission Statement

Finding our Silver Linings 

Friends, I was watching the opening worship service for our first ever virtual Biennial Mission Summit last night and the question was asked What have been the Silver Linings that have come out of this pandemic? And I wanted to the pose that very question to you.

What silver linings have come about in your church as a result of having to pivot due to the pandemic brought about by Covid-19?

I would like to share your silver linings with the MABC family through upcoming editions of the BodyBuilder. So please send me an email letting me know what silver linings you have discovered in the last year and a half.

2021 Palmer Grant Cycle Accepting Applications until July 31, 2021

Here is an opportunity to apply for grant money through ABCUSA and the American Baptist Foundation

Associate Region Minister Gary Martin discovered this and wanted to share with you. 

HomeTouch A Ministry to the Homebound
spacerMan sitting in wheelchair and looking out a window

Even as churches reopen, not all members can return to church.

As we all have experienced over the last year, being homebound is difficult and isolating.

Even though some of us are starting to return to church or have plans to return soon, many of your members will continue to remain homebound — just like before the pandemic.

What can we do?

Download FREE resources today.

(No email required.)

Here's a Continuing Education opportunity through Central Seminary 


Attention Iowa Pastors - A possible resource for folks in your congregations
Additional information can be found HERE
Attention Minnesota Pastors

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