Mid-American Baptist Churches Body Builder.

 A Note to the Clergy of the
Mid-American Region

Called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to embody and proclaim
the Good News of Jesus Christ as Lord,
Mid-American Baptist Churches is a covenanting association of
American Baptist Churches in Minnesota and Iowa. 
We are interdependent and diverse congregations and individuals
working and praying together to build up the Body of Christ.   

                                                                                                                   ---Our Region's Mission Statement

Attention MABC Pastors

Registration is now open: 

Monday, March 28 - Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Sunset Hills Baptist Church - Omaha, Nebraska

Save the March 28-30th dates for the 2022 Prairie Pastor’s Conference! For those who may be newer to us,
this is a multi-region endeavor between ABC Dakotas, Mid-American American Baptist Churches, and the Central Region.
We will be in Omaha, Nebraska like we usually are and there is no cost for the conference itself.
You will need to cover your lodging and transportation for the event.  I hope you can join us!

COVID-19 Rapid Tests Available
through ABC USA partnership


How to order COVID-19 Test Kits beginning January 17
· Access the test kit ordering form hosted by the White House from the NACHW site to begin placing orders:
· One package of four COVID-19 rapid test kits can be ordered per household
· Assist community members in placing an order for their household
· Include with your order an optional email address if you would like to track your package
· Orders on the 17th will be screened based on a social vulnerability and COVID-19 risk factor ZIP Code list required by the White House.
Orders placed after the 19th can be placed directly on the White House site when it goes live.

Attention both Members of the Board of Region Ministries and all  Ministry Team Members:
Hello everyone, I’m writing to let you know of some dates to save for next year. The first is a Region Board and Ministry Team Members Zoom retreat on January 29 at 10 am. There will be information coming later but it will be a two hour  event- including  some sharing and planning with each other and a special guest- no business to conduct. The second date is the spring Region Board meeting. This will be April 9 at 10 am at the First Baptist Church of Greater Des Moines. We will have a Zoom option for those who don’t attend in person. The dates for our Region Biennial gathering are September 30- October 1. This will be hosted by the First Baptist Church of Pella. I am looking forward to seeing you all in 2022 and I pray you know God’s blessings of strength, peace, and joy in the days ahead. 
In Christ, Susan Russell - MABC Board of Region Ministries President. 

Food For Thought

Receive a free workshop e-manual when you subscribe to our newsletter.
Depression – Practical Intervention Strategies
This 45-page manual explores a holistic understanding of the causes, impact, and treatment of depression.

Some of the topics found inside this manual:
  • Understanding the Nature of Depression
  • Causes and Influences of Depression
  • Exploring Strengths and Resources
  • Investigating and Highlighting Successes
  • The Recovery Process from Depression
Each month we offer one free webinar for you to watch on-demand.
Depression – Practical Intervention Strategies
This webinar explores a holistic understanding of the causes, impact, and treatment of depression.

Associate Region Minister Rev. Gary Martin found a great article to share with you from: 
Good Faith Media
North American Church Experiencing Crisis of Meaning by  | Jan 10, 2022 |

MC LIVE – Third Thursdays
Join us! January 20, 2022
7pm Central/8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific

 Zoom Information
Small Group Formation and Funding 
If you are already a member of a clergy small group or would like to start one, you don’t want to miss this session. 
Ministers Council Leadership team member, The Rev. Lin Story-Bunce will interactively share the process for receiving small grants from the Together in Ministry Fund.
If you’d like to start a small group, Rev. Lin will engage a lively discussion to brainstorm ideas to help you get started and pursue funds to support your small group vision. 
Learn more about the program at our 
Please set the date and time. We look forward to seeing you there.
Rev. Cheryl Harris
Secretary, National Leadership Team
Coordinator, MC Live 2022



American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) is sensitive to the uncertainties in the world at this time.
That is why, as we continue to plan for our flagship national event, Space for Grace,
we do so prayerfully and with you in mind.
When planning began, we could not have foreseen what would transpire with COVID-19’s Omicron variant.

We remain optimistic, however, that uncertainty will turn to certainty and that the
2022 Space for Grace: “Testify!” will be held in person Sept. 21-23 at the beautiful
Westin Kansas City (Mo.) at Crown Center.

The event will be preceded by the Spiritual Caregivers Conference for
chaplains, pastoral counselors, spiritual directors and specialized ministers, Sept. 19-20.

With our assurance that your personal health and well-being are of utmost importance, and that we will uphold public health and safety protocols for in-person gatherings,
we ask you to make plans to join us for this exciting event. Testify! will offer:
  • A place and space for you to both speak and hear God’s good news;
  • Enriching learning experiences that focus on Leadership Empowerment, Discipleship, and Healing and Transforming Communities;
  • Inspiring speakers that include the Rev. Amy Butler, Dr. Eddie Glaude, Dr. Neichelle Guidry, Kathy Khang, Dr. Miguel De La Torre and Dr. Judy Fentress Williams. (The Spiritual Caregivers event will feature Dr. Trace Haythorn and Lt. Col. Ruth Segres.)

To learn more and to register for updates that will keep you apprised of the gathering’s progress, visit

Rev. Ray McCalla, Pastor at FBC Atlantic invites all MABC folks who are interested to join him on a pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey in June 2022. 
Details can be found 
HERE. The deadline to register is May 1, 2022


Free, open-access book: Bivocational and Beyond: Educating for Thriving Multivocational Ministry is forthcoming from Books @Atla Open Press, Scholarly Editions, Teaching Religion and Theology series, April 2022. Contributors include practitioners, educators, and researchers from the US, Canada, and UK. Short videos from contributors to this book will be posted in the coming months at:
Online class: The Future of Multivocational Ministries, April 7–May 17, instructor Darryl W. Stephens. Six-week class offered through the Pennsylvania Academy of Ministry, 2.5 CEUs. Study and discussion of the forthcoming volume, Bivocational and Beyond. Cost TBD. For information, contact

Leadership Institute -- UPSem
Winter/Spring 2022 Continuing Education Workshops, Events, and Courses


Education & scholarships

American Baptist Home Mission Societies’ (ABHMS) Scholarships Ministry administers the American Baptist Financial Aid Program that supports American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) clergy and lay leaders serving in church vocations with grants to enhance their skills for ministry.

Cultivating NEW LIFE

The Cultivating NEW LIFE program provides grants of up to $300 to ministerial leaders to attend conferences, workshops and seminars focused on personal and congregation renewal. Ministerial leaders who are listed in the current ABCUSA Professional Registry may apply for this grant each year. Cultivating NEW LIFE grants may not be combined with other funding provided by ABHMS.

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of your participation.

Click here for application.

Continuing Education Grants

Ministerial leaders preparing to visit one of the ABC-related Centers for the Ministry or participating in an ABC-related mission trip may apply for a grant of $250. Applicants must be listed in the current ABC Professional Registry. This grant may not be combined with Cultivating NEW LIFE grants or other funding provided by American Baptist Home Mission Societies. D.Min. students are eligible for $250 awards each of their first two years of study.

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of your participation.

Click here for application.

Sabbatical/Study Leave Grants

Ministerial leaders may apply for a limited number of sabbatical grants. Grants are available once every five years and may not be combined with other continuing education funding provided by ABHMS for the past two years. Please see the application for additional grant criteria. Request information and an application from the Office of Financial Aid for Studies (610.768.2067).

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