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Dear Friends,

This is our first newsletter of the year! *waits for applause* *still waiting* lol, Woooooo! We are just getting warmed up (its cold out there, for me, at least! We just had some snow - if you got some, hope you are enjoying it!) for what will hopefully be an awesome year! As the title of this newsletter suggests (as I recited from ye olde Daft Punk) our work is never over! But we aren't robots, we need fuel to keep going! Not just nutrition, but mental fuel! So Lets get fueled up with some great tips and inspirations to get you off on the right foot in this new and unexplored year!

If you are new this month - WELCOME! If you are a returning subscriber - THANK YOU for the support and love! Glad to see your handsome (or beautiful) face again! Is that a new shirt? Lookin' good. lol. As you'll see below, our newsletter features some of my favorite things from the past month, Hope you Enjoy!

Favorites From The Blog //

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40+ Epic Homemade Telescopes (w/ How To Make Guides)

To stimulate the inner geek in all of us - I ran across this completely epic collection of Homemade Telescope Designs -  Check it out! If you are a DIY geek then you will get an overload of awesome weekend project ideas and might even reignite a passion for astronomy (like it did for me!), or if you just like to see the designs that people come up with for homemade projects like this, then indulge and get inspired!

CSS Performance, Debugging, Naming Conventions

Web superhero Chris Coyier puts together some great CSS tips & resources in this awesome post from Smashing Magazine that showcases some must know dev info and tips together with some slides that you will definitely find useful for your next  web dev project.

Important Considerations When Building Single Page Web Apps

If you are a web dev or programmer that builds web apps then you already know that you can never get enough inspiration or tips from looking at other peoples projects, we all think differently and approach problems uniquely so if you want to get a different perspective on web apps, or if you are maybe considering building a single page one - you definitely need to  check this out for a quick pick me up (maybe you'll learn some new techniques!)

The Web Designer's eBook Bundle

There are tons of web design e-books out there on the web, which is great! However, the problem is finding the ones that are really good (and worth your time, and money!) luckily some really good ones are on sale right now!  Check out This Bundle from 1stWebDesigner that packs a lot of info into a few well done e-books - only $6! That is a steal!

20 Simple Homepage Designs

Less is more these days, and as designers, we can never get enough inspiration (and for good reason!). So just to keep you inspired with some great simple minimal designs, refer to this post. You are welcome :D.

Vandelay Premier's Humongous 1,001 Item Photoshop Variety Pack

Another thing that designers enjoy and can't get enough of - is TIME SAVING RESOURCES! There is not enough time in the day, we have all slowly arrived at this conclusion when we try to do it all. Enter,  this bundle pack, check it out if you are a Photoshop junkie, artist, or photographer, and you can enjoy all that time it will save you! It is a huge collection of 1,001 photoshop brushes, patterns, styles, and actions!!! SO EPIC!

Favorite Images Of The Month //

Just a few of the most "liked" images from the fan page, Enjoy!

I'll Be Back. //

Next Month! With another fresh roundup of the best from the site (and from around the web, according to me!) for the month, gift wrapped with love, sprayed with the finest perfumes, and sent conveniently to your inbox! Seriously though, thanks for subscribing - I appreciate each and every one of you! Yeah, even you, the one that read all the way down this far :).

See you next time! <3

Andy Sowards
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