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Welcome to the October / November edition of the Dark Star Newsletter…I so wanted to call it Hop Gossip…oh there, I just did!
Well, it’s been a busy month, not least because of Hopfest, the launch of Green Hopped IPA and the news that Rob is taking over The Duke of Wellington and has plans to create a micro brewery in the pub…apart from that, not much going on really.  

Hopfest - beer, music, food & morris Dancing

Wow, what an event. What we thought was a small gathering over the weekend to celebrate the brewing of Green Hopped IPA turned out to be of interest to more people than we thought…over 2,000 to be exact. We all had great fun giving away beer samples and listening to great live music – and also our chairman (yes we have one of those – how grown-up.) If you didn’t make it down put it in your diary for next year, 27/28/29 September 2013.

Wannabe Rock Stars!
Stuart and Richard from Magic Rock Brewery came South this month to visit and brew the ‘Rock Star’ collaboration with us - probably the most pretentious beer name in history.

Focus on new brew man Finlay

After Fin walked in with a black eye last week, we thought it was time to learn more about this man…weekend fight club member? Feisty girlfriend? Clumsy? Or a night on the 80 Shilling? We needed to know more….
Position: Brewer
Nationality: Scottish (nr Inverness)
What do you do for kicks? rugby, guitar, squash, pubs & clubs
Favourite Beer (not Dark Star): Kernel London Red Brick, anything by De Molen, Anchor Steam
Favourite Dark Star Beer? Green Hop
Favourite Food? Thai
Sausage Sandwich Game (nod to the legend that is Danny Baker), Red sauce, Brown sauce, or no sauce at all? Red sauce
N.B: The eye was apparantly a rugby injury..

If you love cycling, two things:

1.There’s a cycling club that leaves The Partridge at 18:30 every Tuesday evening – all levels welcome.
2.Spin-Up is back. If you missed our Spin Up event last year, you missed a cracker! Organised beautifully by the team and our neighbours at Upgrade Bikes / Kinesis, we simply opened the brewery doors and poured beer – the rest they organized, see  http://www.spinupinabrewery.com for more information.
- - - - - -

We’ve bottled it!
After much badgering, we’ve gone and bottled Green Hopped IPA – available from now if the brewers don’t snaffle it all. Snaffle, there’s a word we should use more often, like besmirch…I digress.

Tickets please…

When your bean counter…sorry, Nigel, says he has a great idea…we were excused for falling silent and wondering if it were a new spreadsheet or abacus device…we didn’t expect him to say “Let’s buy a Bus”. Most of us thought it might be a money saving tactic for his route home (he’s from Yorkshire), but no, you see, the thing is, Nigel loves buses…and trains. Knowing that we’d never agree to a train, I think Nigel though the bus concept had legs – he’d also just signed a cheque off for James who’s just ordered some Dark Star cycling Jerseys, so obviously chose to strike whilst the iron was hot. Long story not so short…we have a bus, a big bloody bus, see above. Of course James had the last laugh, decorating it with posters declaring the “Best Beer in the Weald” a statement he has tried and failed to convince us was his idea.
- - - - -
Our brand new water (or whatever you fancy) bottles have arrived.. just in time for Christmas! Ideal gifts for keen cyclists, beer swiggers, etc.

- - - - - -
Q. How many people does it take to change a lightbulb at The Partridge?

Rob – Beer hero…now beer and pub hero.

Yep, it’s true our Rob (in a Cilla Black accent) is now running The Duke of Wellington in Shoreham, taking over from J, who’d worked hard to continue the pub’s growth in popularity – J’s off to become a plumber and rumour has it he’ll do the odd shift behind bars - The Duke & The Star.
Rob, the man to blame for most of our ruin, will, along with his partner Jess, no doubt take the pub to new heights, not least with great beer when the new micro brewery is ready. It’s hard to believe that a micro brewery in the cellar of a pub will ever amount to much…said with a twinkle in the eye!!

Rock-up at The Evening Star
Rich and Stuart from Magic Rock entertained drinkers at The Evening Star…a fun night was had by all. There were lots of people that I’m sure were just over-tired!

- - - - - - 

If you’ve got this far, well done. As a reward, present this newsletter, well, frankly mention this newsletter in the brewery shop when ordering a mini pin or poly pin and we’ll furnish you with a free t-shirt
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