Why I Give to Haiti H2O
After many years of ministering to athletes on every level, I continue to hear coaches talk about players who ‘play the right way.’ For the longest time, I didn’t know what they were talking about. After all, what is the ‘right’ way to play (as opposed to the wrong way) from players in the same level and on the same team? What I’ve come to realize is ‘playing the right way’ means playing for the long haul. In their zeal, players will cut corners in an effort to produce results more quickly. And you know what? It works! Short term playing does often produce short term results. But what these players don’t realize is that while their short term goals are achieved it is actually pulling the rug out from under their long term success. They score the goal but miss the playoffs. They’ve won the battle, but lost the war.

That’s why I give to Haiti H2O. Their aim is winning the war.

Porpilia Family in Bassin Caiman, Haiti 2009

I’ve been on almost twenty international missions trips and have, unfortunately, seen many others who give the quick, feel-good approach to their ministry. The short-term ministers get a warm fuzzy feeling and a few stories to tell, while the locals receive trinkets and supplies to last a few weeks. But did they win? No. The locals are now developing a dependency upon the missionaries along with a victim mentality. The short term missionaries meant well, but they were focused on the immediate challenge and not the long term good of the local people.

After ten years of ministering in the same towns through the same churches, Haiti H2O has discovered how to partner with the Haitian communities for the long term good of those they minister to. They win wars not battles. They play the right way. That’s why I give.

Marc Porpilia, Hockey Ministries International (HMI) Chapel Coordinator & Chaplain (Marc serves as a full time chaplain for several teams in Upstate New York and also helps with the development of chapels within this region. He lives just outside of Buffalo, NY)

Compost Toilet Project
HAITI H2O joins communities together to provide the basic elements of life in rural Haiti.

The composting toilet program exemplifies this spirit of collaboration. On June 8, 2016, people from two different communities attended a workshop on Ecological Sanitation hosted by SOIL in Port au Prince.

Jilsen is our toilet manager in Baissin Caiman. He had this to say about the workshop: “We have learned a lot of things today to build on our existing knowledge, and we are eager to continue working in our community.”

Haitian partners learned a lot at the 2016 SOIL Conference in
Port au Prince, Haiti.

This has been the fruit of a long collaboration.

The composting toilet program was born after listening to the people of Baissin Caiman dream about what their lives could look like. We talked to hundreds of people from 30 homes in the area to get their input.

We went back to the States, researched, and studied, and when we returned to Baissin Caiman, we held a town meeting. We affirmed the importance of proper sanitation and presented three different options to construct bathroom facilities. They chose composting toilets because it made sense to them—even though they did not understand all of the intricacies involved.

We researched how to build the toilets with local techniques and materials and then sought out resources in Haiti. We partnered with SOIL to train the committee members and have completed the pilot project in Baissin Caiman—four composting toilets, one in each of the four neighborhoods.

Baissin Caiman introduced the program to the members of St. Martin, and they completed the first compost toilet in that community last year. The people of St. Martin are eager to continue building compost toilets.

Clausel is on the sanitation committee in St. Martin. “This conference came at an important time for us,” he said. “In St. Martin, there are people getting sick from poor sanitation. We are very happy that we could learn some new things from this conference and now we want to continue serving in our community.”

It has taken only 
3,650 days, or 
120 months, also known as

for us to reach this milestone.


This is the year Haiti H2O marks a decade of ministry in Haiti. We are thankful beyond measure that the God who marks time with the moon and the sun has been faithful to this ministry—your ministry!

To mark this milestone and celebrate what God has done, we are hosting a party!

Join Haiti H2O for drinks, hors d'ouevres, and a silent auction to benefit the work of Haiti H2O.
Friday, September 23, 2016
6:30 ~ 9:30 pm
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Union Project
801 N. Negley Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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