August 2022 Special Request

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At 3:53 am this morning (8-18-22), The Voice from my third near-death experience spoke to me once more.  A special request.  I argued for over an hour about this but finally accepted the request as reasonable and doable.  Thus, I will be doing one more research project as concerns near-death experiences.  Details follow:
  1. Any near-death experiencer who had an encounter with an alien being – either during their NDE or within a year afterward is eligible to participate.
  1. Near-death experience is defined as an experience that occurs when nearly dying, coming close to death, or being pronounced or thought dead – and then reviving.
  1. During or after that experience, seeing or encountering an alien being thought to be not of this Earth, or feeling self as one of them.  Describe what happened.
  1. Send your experience in writing/printing to Dr. PMH Atwater, P. 0. Box 7691, Charlottesville, VA 22906; or via e-mail to
  1. Drawings are welcome.  They must be black and white.  Color not accepted.
  1. Everything send must be accompanied by you giving me permission to use; signed and dated.  Without that permission, I will be unable to use your story.
I have already researched this type of encounter in my book THE NEW CHILDREN AND NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES, Chapter Nine, “Alien Existences.”  The material in that chapter was totally new in near-death research and included some incredible experiences from two boys in South America.  We do not have this type of research with adults.  I include myself in this new work – adults and children – alien encounters.
Although I am still working on my memoir, this will be my next book after the memoir is done, and it is okay to begin collecting those stories now. I am not asking for a “book of stories” or lengthy renderings of “what happened.”  I am no one’s judge, only a friendly researcher who is curious about what we do not discuss:  alien encounters.  
If you have something to share, please do.  Thank you for considering this request.  PMH

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